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News Update about my building: help please ; ;

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Sun Dec 15 2013 18:38:34

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    Someone across the hall from me saw all my DE and my garbage bags (after I had been trying so hard to hide it from the world and managed to for 2 weeks) that she has had them 3 times. Someone down the hall has them and had to call in someone else to do it, She then told me (I guess she had the same "PCO" come in and she said said to mention "bug bomb" to him. This is the same neighbor who had brought me over a Jacket she gave me for giving her cookies. Good thing as soon as I shut the door I put it in quarantine then down to the laundry.

    So if he's just been bombing the place no wonder they're going everywhere. "No one else on your floor has them" my butt.
    Today I purchased some Raid Home Insect spray and contact Killer REG NO. 20796 PCP ACT
    0.176% D-trans Allethrin
    Tetramethrin .009%
    Piperonyl Butoxide 1.21%
    Which does not seem much different than what he used for the first initial.. "treatment"
    Since the guy will be coming on Tuesday for... I don't even know what he's going to do, should I just use it (as directions indicate of course) in the mean time before I can call someone else to come in?

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