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New to the Nightmare - Have some questions

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Thu Sep 25 2014 9:51:50

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    Hi –
    New to this nightmare world of bugs and would love some advice. I definitely have bed bugs. I had a PCO to my house yesterday to look around and give me options to treat. He said heat treatment would be around $2500 due to the layout of my house and suggested I try a silicone based desiccant treatment ($600). He said it was fairly new but that they had been having good luck with it. 30 days after the first treatment they treat again.

    Has anyone tried this route? I’d be willing to pay for the heat treatment but I’m so worried about them re-infesting. I can’t find much info on this desiccant – I’m going to get the chemical info sheet from the company before I decide. I have 5 cats and 3 reptiles and while they’d obviously be out of the house for the treatment, it does leave a residue and I don’t want them getting sick.

    I’m also in the middle of a divorce and want to list my house for sale soon. I don’t want to leave any there for the buyer and I definitely don’t want to take any with me. Am I stuck for awhile?

    The way we got them: My soon to be ex has a friend that would come over a few times a week and hang out and watch movies. Friend bought a mattress. Mattress had bed bugs. Friend brought bed bugs into the basement room ex mainly stayed in and infested the couch. Ex started getting bites but didn’t know what they were for about a month. Found out. He treated the couch and the room with DE but (as the PCO told me yesterday) it wasn’t sifted fine enough. So no idea if we actually killed any on our own. Couch went out back about 2 weeks after we treated it (it’s still there). A week ago I found my first bites – I sleep upstairs.

    I want to get a dumpster for the couch and a bunch of other stuff I want to get rid of in the process of selling the house. I know moving stuff around will transfer bugs – should I treat first and then dumpster or dumpster and then treat? Does the type of treatment I choose affect this?

    Has anyone ever treated their car? And could I possibly be taking these to work with me (YIKES!)?

    Thoughts/advice on any of these matters is much appreciated.


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