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New to site and have only been in bedbug fight for a couple weeks; have many ?'s

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  1. Bugzie

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Mon Jun 11 2018 2:53:45

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    I apologize for the length of this post; I try not to be too verbose but sometimes I just fail! LOL

    Hello! I am new here, and am glad I have found this forum. I have never had bedbugs before and despite watching a friend of mine go through having them several times (they circulated through her apartment building, she was not the one who brought them in), I hadn’t realized how stressful and nearly insane they can make you feel. I’m maintaining everyday, and doing the best I can to live life as normally as I can, even though my apartment, especially my living room, is in disarray while keeping furniture away from the baseboards in waiting for the next treatment in a week or so here. It HAS gotten noticeably better since the treatment, but, as you will read in my questions, they aren’t gone totally (which probably comes as no surprise to all of you out there who know how this all goes).
    So I figured I would ask the huge stack of questions I have, addressed to preferably any people with PCO training, or who is bed bug experts (either in training or having researched them enough!) This list of questions is not complete, I think; I think there’s a few more I have which I have to remember and formulate first! Then I will ask them! 

    1. The heat treatment and insecticide was done 5 days ago. I am finding 1 adult bug per day. I have read this is normal. Is it really? The pest control guy said to bag up each one I find and date it, and give it to his techs when they come to do the next treatment. Does all this sound like normal procedure for most PCO’s? I only ask because I never before have had bedbugs (fortunately) so I don’t know how all this is supposed to go.
    2. Should I wash all the clothes in my closet? I haven’t touched any of them since this whole thing started. They *were* subjected to the heat treatment, and I don’t know if they had any insecticide put on them. Should I wash them now or wait until the next treatment is done (in a week or so)? I don’t’ wear most of them, so it seems like it might be a waste of money to wash all of them. Maybe I should just wash the ones I usually wear and bag up?
    3. It appears my landlord is going to charge me for the cost of the treatment, because I (supposedly) brought the bugs in. I checked, and sure enough, that is a state law like it appears to be in MANY states. I don’t think it’s fair because I didn’t do anything careless (willingly) to bring them in and somehow I still got them. This could turn REALLY bad for me, because if the PCO is one without a warranty, or charges any extra for treatments, or *others* in the building (there’s 6 apartments in the building) get infested and have to be treated, then all those charges could be passed on to me by the landlord, since I was supposedly the one responsible. I probably don’t have to tell you it could result in 1000’s of dollars owed, collections, a crappy rental reference from them (which would kill me because I’ve been here 15 years!), and possibly even them taking me to court if they feel it’s warranted. Ideally I’d not like to be charged for it at all but it doesn’t appear I’m going to have that kind of luck. These landlords are the type that will charge you for almost ANYTHING. It’s ridiculous. I’ve already come up with the idea of screenshotting all the texts that they’ve sent me, as well as the PCO, just in case it’s ever needed, as well as backing up my phone. My question therefore is: To get as good an outcome as possible with that, what tips do you have and what steps should I take?
    4. If it keeps up with the seeing one live bug per day, even after the next treatment, does that necessarily mean the treatments failed? If they *have* failed, then what’s my next step? If I do any “self treatment” measures I’ll have to keep it quiet from my landlords because they’d freak; THEY want to have all the control and do the treating (whether it’s working for me or not), and for each of those they’d likely charge me.
    5. I am hoping the ones that remain aren’t feeding on me, but I’ve found two shed skins since the treatment; they can’t molt without feeding right? I thought (and was told by the PCO) that my air mattress that has slick vinyl sides on it doesn’t allow them to climb up it. Well I’ve seen them climb up smooth wood like my bookshelf (although that one only went up a short distance and sat there), and the texture on the side of my mattress is rougher, so wouldn’t that mean that they can climb up it if they can climb up the smooth wood?
    6. Here’s a big one I’ve really been wondering about: This is an old building so there are TONS of cracks, holes, and crevices. What appears to be the main culprit is in the closet, where there’s several small holes including a hole that has a telephone cord going through it, that goes straight into my living room. I don’t believe they’ve ventured into the living room because I’m not there too much, but, that hole is there and a couple of bugs have come out of it to feed on me while I was down close to the baseboard, playing with the phone jack. So my question is: I want to seal all these holes and cracks I see, to prevent anymore from escaping easily into the rest of the apartment or maybe into the walls. Should I wait until all treatments are done to do that? One of my friends that had the bugs said that her PCO actually did that and sealed right then while doing the treatment. My PCO obviously doesn’t do anything like that. I don’t even know if my landlord would approve of it so it would have to be yet another thing I’d have to do “under cover of dark”.
    7. Is it OK to vacuum cracks and crevices after the insecticide treatments? I don’t want to vacuum any bugs up like I normally would, because the PCO was wanting me to bag em up and save them. But at the same time that would control the ones that are there, right? I also don’t want to vacuum up the insecticide that they put in.
    I am sorry for all these questions but this is my first (and hopefully last ever) time having the bugs, and so I have all these questions, some of which the PCO didn’t even answer, even though it showed he “read” my texts.

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 6 days ago
    Mon Jun 11 2018 19:13:19

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    I don't think you need to wash the clothes in your closet since you had a heat treatment. PCOs don't put insecticide on clothes btw, afaik.

    About self treating, I would run it by the PCO first before doing anything.

    I would be very surprised if they couldn't climb your air mattress sides since, as you say, it's not even smooth.

    You're saying you saw live bed bugs crawl out of an outlet hole to come feed on you in broad daylight? Oh boy. Personally, I would puff DE or Cimexa into that hole and seal it.

    Your PCO should have left instructions about cleaning up. We were told not to vacuum or mop the perimeter of the rooms for two weeks.

  3. Bugzie

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    Posted 2 hours ago
    Mon Jun 18 2018 1:15:24

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    Bugged-cdn: The PCO said to avoid any sealing of holes until all treatments are done. I would assume that means any self-treating as well. My mom is sending me some "eco spray" (I forget the whole name) that is eco-friendly and uses natural oils and is supposed to kill bedbugs on contact and also hold them away apparently. I won't be using it though until all treatments are done, to avoid risking making the treatments ineffective. This includes Cimexa and DE, etc, even though I VERY MUCH want to get them and start using them!

    I'm just hoping I can get away with using that stuff without my landlord finding out since if they do, they'll probably freak. Since it's "their property".

    And as for the mattress, yes, for whatever reason I've never seen any indication that they can, or ever have, gotten on that mattress. Nothing I have on it is touching the floor at any time so, for whatever reason. it appears they either can't or won't climb up the sides. now WATCH: the little s***heads will prove me wrong. Almost every time I make a statement like that to someone where I say "They haven't done so-and-so yet", they do it. It's like they can read my mind. It's beyond frustrating.

    No, my PCO didn't give me hide nor hair of instructions about *anything* to do after the treatments. I had to put the first foot forward after the treatment and ask him about if I could vacuum, throw things away I wanted to get rid of, etc etc. He didn't volunteer any of that info whatsoever. He DID say that yes, I could vacuum, and yes I could throw stuff away. It appears he's not too good at listening either because he asked me a couple questions I'd already mentioned and addressed in earlier texts to him. So bottom line is, I hope he's legit, and hope he knows what he's doing and is not just fleecing my landlords (and therefore me, since they apparently are going to make me pay them back for it), and I with not-well-working junk.

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