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New To Bedbugger, Looking for Friends, Question about Infesting Others

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  1. no_one_sleeps

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Feb 8 2010 21:06:18

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    Yes, that's right. I'm looking for friends who have or have had bedbugs. My story, being that I'm completely isolated and feeling like a pariah, is here.

    In August, I completely started my life over when I moved to New York to start my first full-time academic job. I left my old job, my friends, my family, and my entire support network. Coming from upstate NY, I had barely heard of bedbugs and none of my family or friends had heard of them, either. So, arriving to the city sans mattress cover, I prepared to start my exciting new life.

    Did I ever! In addition to adjusting to a new career and city life, I started to get some bizarre itching in September, and by October I had convinced myself I had fleas. I googled everything, including bedbugs, and found nothing until one crawled across my pillow in January.

    Now my entire life is in ziplocs and plastic totes. I cried like an infant when I packed away my books and art. I live in a studio, so I have totes packed up to the ceiling and stacked in the bathtub. It takes me twenty minutes to unload the bathtub in the morning. Did I mention that I'm young and single? I realize that not sharing this experience with a spouse or family member makes it easier in some ways, but the isolation is very difficult. Unsurprisingly, my friends don't want to hang out with me anymore, and my friends elsewhere are aghast that such a thing as bedbugs exists.

    I was treated about ten days ago. It didn't work. Or perhaps it did, but I'm bitten up again. They're coming again Friday. I'm considering torching a bunch of items. I kind of have fantasies about burning everything and moving.

    Here are a couple of questions (I actually have questions)

    1. What is the likelihood, do you think, that I have infested others? I had two friends come and stay with me in November, and they slept in my bed. I went home for Christmas and stayed with my family. I am worried for them to the point of sickness. They live in small country towns and I sincerely doubt that very many PCO's are familiar with bedbugs or know what they're doing. My heart is breaking. How easily can I infest others?

    2. Every day I walk down the streets in my neighborhood and I see a mattress and boxsprings, unwrapped mind you, tossed on the side of the road. Since I've been traumatized from this bedbug experience, I see these things and freak out. I cross the road. How common is this? Do people not have enough common courtesy to wrap their beds up and label them properly?

    3. Something needs to be done about this. People can't live this way.

    4. If anyone would like to be friends with a Bedbugger who feels guilt, shame, and isolation but has a fabulous sense of humor despite all of this, please private message me. This board is really what keeps me going these days.

    Thanks so much for listening.

  2. BronxBitten

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Apr 20 2010 21:30:03

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    hi. i dont know how to pm anyone on here yet. tonight is my 2nd or 3rd night in our 3 story, "filled up" house in the bronx, and we got it from our neighbors. its just started but i know already what lays ahead. i'm lightheaded and woozy and am already in a heavy part of the journey in this life and this thrown in the pot makes it all the intense. not sure what to do; not knowing where my family will get the money to fix this, if we have it all and for that matter, how it'd be tackled in a house like this, full of cracks and disgusting neighbors, old, and all that [expletive deleted]. i work at a yoga studio and dont want to be the one to bring it around but can't bear to tell them--i truly don't know what to do in the social realm. i can laugh about it but im also feeling weak and exhausted from the notion of all of this--to top it off im alone in this house for the next month practically, b/c my grandmother who is the homeowner had to leave to attend to family stuff. the last thing she or we need is something like this. i can't figure how it'd actually be eradicated in a space like this. not sure how to look at it, what to think or how to make myself sane. i remember that people live through all types of worse [expletive deleted] and go on and maintain joy somehow. i know its possible. just gotta find the strength. we will always have to live with bugs, on earth, but somehow this seems like a calling for some kind of majorly important work as humans, and i don't mean with pest control, i mean--what is this really all about---on a deeper level. i ask that b/c thats all i can do, thats the way i work. i know its about not being attached to things perservering, minimalism and acceptance, but does it have to make us ill along the way with anxiety and sleeplessness?

    i am so sorry that your journey to nyc, my home since birth, has brought you such a [expletive deleted] outcome. i was planning very much to celebrate my 30th bigtime in june, but this has already shown me that in fact, that feeling of celebration will likely not be with me if this [expletive deleted] is hovering over my head. i'll feel like some kind of walking beast, and people will obviously see the bites on me. its nearing the end of april, and i just don't know, i know its only beginning. . . i'm trying to take steps to regulate it but being alone in this HOUSE this old, cracking house is making me quite frightened, then again i am glad that my dog and i will be the only hosts in the meantime; though im sure they've spread hopefully my flesh will bait them all to the basement so that they don't take over the rest of the house. not that it matters since the neighbors don't seem to be treating the problem. i need to sleep i have so much to do...this couldn't be more terrible timing.

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