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New to BBs, multiple different treatments, need help with next steps

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    Hi everyone, first, I'd like to say that reading through this forum has been extremely helpful since I first discovered I had bed bugs about a month ago! Thank you.

    Now, I've worked my way through a weird combination of treatments and need a second opinion on how to proceed. Essentially I've used my building's contract PCO, am not satisfied with them, and I'm a little too anxious to talk to other PCOs yet for fear of being sold anything. My savings are already down the drain here from moving.

    So, I've had a month-long problem in a 2br apartment, which my roommate and I just moved into at the end of May. It wasn't until a couple weeks after moving in that I let go of the denial that it may just be mosquitos, and found a bed bug. We're 90% sure they were in the apartment when we got there. Haven't yet proceeded with the forms requiring the management to disclose the building's pest history (first mistake), though they claim there hasn't been a complaint for 8 years...

    We have had the management's contract extermination service treat the place so far, who have sprayed twice (one week apart, last treatment now one week and a half ago). They did not disclose the chemicals they used, but we believe it was a general insecticide as the PCO was spraying it in the oven for roaches and such. I was not present for the second treatment but my roommate said they sprayed much more poison the second time, but again did not disclose chemicals, and did not treat shoes, move furniture, or anything. They did NOT inspect for bugs before treating, didn't take a flashlight to anything, they did not even wear respirators. Their only prep instructions were for us to do our laundry. Seemed sketchy.

    Throughout this I have been getting bitten- at the beginning of this a month ago, around 10-20 bites per night, so I have been a complete wreck from day one. Essentially looked like I had a full-body outbreak of hives by the time I got management in for treatment, and made me extremely desperate. The first spray didn't seem to do anything, but after the second spray, 2-6 bites per night. At this point we are now also using DIY treatments: FabriClear on mattresses and across doorways, and for the past few days diatomaceous earth (Safer brand) in a solid pile across thresholds and to fill in cracks in baseboards (there are a LOT) to keep them from moving around further, which seems to be working. However the stuff is getting everywhere, I know it's not healthy, and as I keep researching, it looks like I'll have to clean it all up before any other kind of inspection or treatment. Whoops.

    Also important: because we just moved, I do not have a mattress and the sleeping situation has been sporadic- while my roommate has a boyfriend she's been able to stay with for the majority of this infestation, I have not been staying in my bedroom after the bites started (confined to my room at that point, I was sleeping on the floor on a sofa bed cot, which was found to be infested and has been disposed of since) and have now been alternating sleeping on an air mattress in the common area (on a metal frame, since I am terrified of ever sleeping on the floor again) and my roommate's bed. I've still had bites in those locations. I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but after such an insane amount of bites in the first month there's no way I'm sleeping in my bedroom until they're gone. I know that any combination of these panicked DIY treatments / switching sleeping places probably affected the spread of the bugs throughout the apartment- now I really need some help figuring out the next steps to clean up the mess I've made and get RID of them.

    I have already notified my landlord that we're looking into other exterminators if he does not hire another one himself, and will deduct the cost from rent. Hopefully that works, or I'll be adding a lot to my credit card debt. I am completely overwhelmed with the options at this point. If anyone has had luck with PCOs in the NYC area who have successfully dealt with treating a previously-treated space, please please please let me know. Also, to the skepticism of my roommate, I am thinking of just having the same (sketchy) service do another treatment this week so we can account for the 2-week egg-hatching period at least. I have not found any adult bugs since a dying one after the second treatment, so I'm hoping that would do the trick, but am also terrified of drawing out this process any longer if that isn't effective. Would anyone recommend sticking it out with the sketchy service?

    Any advice at all appreciated. What now?

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