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New! Steam! FAQ!

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 3 2008 19:33:10

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    A new steam FAQ has been prepared, which removes steam information from this FAQ, and adds new information and resources. You can find it in future via the treatment FAQs:

    or via this direct link:

    Many thanks to Mangycur for her excellent research on steam and for providing most of the text of the new FAQ. (AND for her yogi's patience while I got this up.)

    Thanks also to everyone else who (knowingly or not) contributed information to this FAQ by making suggestions about steam in the forums-- including hopelessnomo, needtosleep, bugbasher, pleasehelp, Winston O. Buggy, Lieutenantdan, and S.

    My apologies that it is impossible to name every contributor; original sources of suggestions get lost in the shuffle.

    IF YOU HAVE ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS for the steam faq, they are most welcome, but please login to the FAQ linked above and leave your comment there. It is too difficult to keep track of additions to FAQS which are left as forum comments. So comment on the FAQ itself and your contribution will be seen and added if relevant. THANK YOU!!!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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