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New neighbor's bedbugs spreading

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  1. jks13

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Jun 16 2018 21:27:23

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    Hi all,

    I live in a small 6 unit apartment building with 3 floors (2 units on each floor separated by a small hallway). I am on the second floor and the longest residing resident of the building. I have been here for 6 years. Within the past month, new tenants have moved in to both the unit above and below me. Never in my life have I had an issue with bedbugs, nor at this residence by any means.

    Just over a week ago, I was standing at my bathroom sink/vanity getting ready for work (approximately 8:30AM), when I saw a small bug crawling on the wall down behind the toilet. When I got closer to examine it, much to my absolute disbelief it appeared to be a bedbug. I am not an expert, but I am pretty informed on bed bugs, as my sister lived in NYC for close to a decade. She had herself a few scares and also once a small contained infestation. I know what they look like, the general signs etc. and have never in my time here experienced anything that would cause me to suspect them. So in a panicked state of denial, I flushed it.

    All day long I angsted over that bug - second guessing myself, was it really a bedbug, how could that be possible?, etc... Also completely pissed at myself for flushing it. Well lo and behold the very next morning, same time and place, I found another crawling on the wall up from behind my sink. Now I was sure of what I was dealing with and also thanks to the research I did on this forum, pretty damn confident they were not coming from my place.

    I bagged up this second bug and immediately texted my one landlord (I have two - they are husband and wife) and raised the red flag, pretty forcefully. I told them what I found, explained to them my theory, and was very adamant about the seriousness of the situation and my concern for how it could affect myself and all of us. I also live alone with my cat, and she has cancer. For the past 10 months now she has been going through chemotherapy and is on a steroid (and doing very well). Therefore to a certain extent she is immuno compromised. Her health and well being are VERY important to me. Obviously. I insisted on a canine unit to come through to inspect. They agreed, found a handler and scheduled the first appointment they could get which was 6 days later. They put notices in every ones mail boxes explaining what had happened and that they would be bringing a canine through.

    My landlords are good people and they like me, as I have always been a very good tenant and keep a nice place. We have a good relationship for the most part and I can tell that they want to keep me happy and maintain me as a tenant. They also know I am incredibly anxious over the whole thing. So, they are letting me be pretty involved in this whole process. I told them to be sure the other tenants closed their windows and shut off sources of airflow for the inspection, and they did just that. The day before the inspection they put another notice in the mailboxes. When the handler arrived, they let me accompany her and basically "run the show" (I did most of the talking - although I did not enter other peoples apartments, but stood in the doorway for the most part). She confirmed that the bug I found was indeed a bed bug. And just as I suspected, two different canines hit in the bedroom of the apartment above me and no where else in the building (including my apartment). However, our bathrooms are right on top of each other, and his bedroom is right next to his bathroom (the apartments are set up like strips).

    This tenant has only been here for a couple weeks, so why the quick spread? My theory? The day before I saw the first bug, my landlords' normal PCO came through and put down a treatment (I'm assuming sprayed) in all the apartments for roaches. We do not have buggy apartments by any means despite this being an older building, but we have had a lot of rain lately. I found two small roaches about a week apart in odd places in my apartment, so I let them know that I wasn't concerned but just as an FYI. Obviously, none of us had any idea we were dealing with bed bugs at that time. From what I've read here, I think maybe that chemical treatment pissed them off and caused them to start moving.

    Fast forward to where we are at now, it's been 9/10 days since I saw those bugs and I have not seen anymore. I also can't find any signs in my apartment, in addition to being cleared by the two canines. However, because I did physically find the two bugs in my apartment, the PCO they have selected for this treatment process is still going to inspect and treat my apartment. My landlords gave me his contact info and let me speak to him directly. He is very knowledgeable, comes well recommended with close to 15 years of experience and actually has a chemical laboratory background. He is scheduled to come in 2 days (this Tues).

    To sum up, I am still an anxious mess. I have read way too many horror stories regarding these situations, and am already ahead of myself over what could go wrong. I'm terrified we will never be able to get rid of them and that they will just continue to move around. Also while most times I feel confident they are not in my apartment, other times I'm convinced they must be. I'm also afraid that if they aren't here now, they will be once treatment begins. I feel itchy almost all the time, and feel like I am almost looking for things that may not really be there. I'm constantly checking for bites, etc. and I feel like I can't even really trust myself anymore. As glad as I am that they are planning on doing something with my apartment, I also didn't really think it was going to be as involved as it seems it's going to be. The PCO is planning on at least treating chemically I know that, and I and my cat will not be able to be there. I was really hoping to avoid displacing her during this (in other words, I was really hoping this wasn't going to effect me) as I don't want to cause her any added stress and I also have no where for her to go. I'm going to end up having to board her at her hospital for the time this process takes place, which is not really ideal. I understand that everyone is a victim when it comes to bed bugs, but I'm just so frustrated and angry that this is becoming such a problem and source of stress for me when I'm not even the source. I work a lot and my cat's care is very involved. I really don't need this additional level of anxiety and paranoia.

    Does anyone have any input on my situation? Do you think my theory of why they moved is correct? Do you think they are actually fully in my apartment at this point? I might also add that I have been provided with the information that this tenant was living in and out of some hotels prior to arriving here. Because of this and the timing, we are pretty confident they came with him.

    Thank you all so much!

  2. tigger2512

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Sep 11 2018 20:10:43

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    Was just wondering how you made out. I also have 2 cats and am in a total panic having a breakdown that if i exterminate even if my cats aren't here that when i bring them back in even though the stuff is dry if they walk on it and clean their feet it will get on their paws and they will get poisoned.. I love my animals and am crazy here.

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