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New here, looking for advice

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here and looking for some advice. This may be long, so please bare with me. I live in Florida and for the past couple of months I've been waking up with bite marks on me. At first I dismissed them as mosquito bites. They were large, red, and itchy. (For the record I swell up really bad with any bite) Then I noticed the bites in a line on my back. This only happened twice. They looked terrible and they itched and burned like crazy. That's what brought me to the internet to do a search. I thought maybe it was fleas. We had a flea problem in our back yard a few months ago and had our treated several times. That seemed to do the trick. We do have a cat and a dog, but I haven't noticed any fleas on them since our yard has been sprayed. From doing an internet search, some of the bite marks looked like bed bug bites, which lead me to believe we may have them. The kicker is, I'm the only one in the house getting bit. My husband sleeps beside me and hasn't had any noticeable bite marks at all. I've read that can be common though. Neither of my children have been bitten either, but they each have their own bedrooms across the house from our master bedroom. These mysterious bite marks aren't always the same. Some may be tiny little pin marks that itch like crazy or sometimes they are barely noticeable, some leave large red welts. Some look exactly like mosquito bites. There's no rhyme or reason to where they might appear. I was bitten on my finger pretty bad with the tiny pin mark bites and it swelled up and started to seep clear liquid. It itched and burned terribly. I treated it at home to make sure it didn't get infected and it finally went away. Then two nights ago I was bit on my toes, the same tiny bite marks and it was hardly noticeable. It just itched a bit and that was it.

    We have a large wooden canopy bed and I've washed that sucker down several times. I've washed all the sheets, pillows, and pillowcases in hot water. I've take off our mattress pads and washed them in hot bleach water, washed our comforter and blankets in hot water several time. Hung them out in the hot sun. I've put them in the dryer, vacuumed the bed, mopped the floors (our entire house has tile, no carpets at all) I've washed our ceiling fan and today I took apart our tower fan. The filter was dirty, so I cleaned it well. I've sprayed our bed down with alcohol and essential oils thinking that may help. I've looked high and low with zero signs of any bed bugs. Actually, no bugs near our bed at all. I finally broke down and called an Terminix today. The company came to do what I thought was a pretty thorough inspection and the inspector said he did not see any signs of bedbugs. While that was a relief, I'm still baffled at what these bite marks could be. Before I cleaned, I looked for any fecal matter. I looked for the eggs, I tore my bed apart and searched high and low and seen nothing, so I know my cleaning didn't throw off the investigation. This has been done over several days/weeks.

    What I have noticed is the past few days is some tiny black flying insects in our bathroom. My husband pointed them out to me yesterday. I killed one and showed the inspector and he said that could be the culprit, but I honestly don't think that's what it is. This had been going on way longer then the mysterious flies that just started to show up. I thought maybe it was a drain fly, so I boiled hot water and poured down every drain in our bathroom. The inspector thought it may be ants crawling up our drain pipes because he said our area has an ant problem, but other than a couple ghost ants I've seen in our bathroom, there's no evidence of ants in our bed or surrounding areas.

    I found a can of flying bug RAID and I sprayed the perimeter of our bedroom and bathroom. The exterminator is scheduled to come out tomorrow to spray the outside of our home and to set traps in our house. They said they don't like to spray chemicals inside the home and think traps are the way to go. At this point I'm ready to douse my bedroom in gas and light a match. (kidding, but I'm at my wits end with this mysterious bug problem)

    Now I'm back to my flea theory. We had them pretty bad due to all the rain. We treated the yard, bombed our house and treated the animals, but could they be back and we just haven't noticed? I've been bit by a flea before and my marks look nothing like that. I'm not sure what else to do. I even had the inspector check our leather sofas because I do spend time sitting on them, and he found nothing.

    I feel like I'm losing my mind. Any insight on what this could be or what my next step should be if the spraying and traps doesn't work?

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