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New Bites or Strong Reaction?

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Sep 11 2018 21:41:52

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    To start, I woke up one morning with a 3-string bite pattern on my arm, and after checking my bedding discovered one bed bug that I squished out of panic (but it was next to a molt shell, which I kept and later positively identified as an N5). Since then I’ve constantly checked my room/mattress every day and haven’t seen any signs of any other bugs (no bugs/shells, eggs, blood smears, or fecal matter).

    But there are new bumps appearing every day. 1-2 new ones would appear randomly at odd times of the day. Now, a week later I have about 17 inflamed bumps, and I understand that commonly this is either delayed reaction or I have more bugs than I know of.

    However I also have very sensitive skin, so I’m wondering if maybe not all of the bites are actual bites, but an overactive immune response to the authentic bites. Has anyone had experience with bed bug bites causing secondary bite-like hives?

    Seeing a dermatologist is pretty difficult, so I guess I just wanted to know if this was a possibility and I should make the effort to consult one.

    Thanks for any help!

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