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New BB story - need opinions!!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here, and this is my first post - and it's a long one.

    I'd really like to thank everyone on Bedbugger in advance. Without the advice and discussions on this board, I doubt that I would've had a clue as to go about handling the situation I'm in.

    Thank you!

    These are the events thus far - it's an extensive chronology, but I've been
    keeping a spreadsheet to help keep track of things.

    Also, about my apartment - it's a tiny studio, in an old brownstone. The floor, which is wood, has a number of large cracks and gaps in it, near the baseboards, around the radiators, etc. There is a fireplace and closet, separate bathroom with built in cabinets, and a kitchen separated from the main living area by a low wall. My mattress, which is not next to the wall, rests on the ground on top of some heavy paper.


    02/04 - 1 large bite, on my collarbone. SO and I think it's a spider bite, pay it no mind.

    02/08 - Woken by severe biting, find 2 adult BBs in my bed. 10 bites, in total, with severe reaction. Encased mattress (no signs of bugs in mattress). Spread DE on floor that night.

    02/09 - Stay in the city with SO.

    02/10 - 5 bites, severe reaction, find 1 live nymph in pjs that we forgot to inspect.

    2/11 - Stay in city with SO. Called the LL, who didn't get in contact with me until the next day.

    2/12 - The LL hadn't gotten in touch with me until late, and I wasn't expecting
    him to be proactive, so we bought Murphy's, Bedlam and Alpine. Bagged up stuff in
    contractors bags, laundered and bagged up clothes, cleaned up DE, Murphy'd the
    floor, applied Bedlam along cracks in wood floor, along baseboards, on wood chair (that we suspected was infected), etc. Applied Alpine in a barrier about 5 feet up the walls. Light DE in bathroom and kitchen areas. That night, found 1 dead nymph on bed.

    2/13 - PCO came. Showed him the bugs I found. He inspected, said he didn't see
    any signs of eggs or BBs. Still, he inspected the encased mattress, said he sprayed the whole studio, and laid some DE, in the electric outlets, fireplace and ???. He took like 20 mins to spray, but took longer to inspect. Stayed in city that night.

    2/14 - No bites, no bugs.

    2/15 - No bites, no bugs.

    2/16 - Stayed in the city.

    2/17 - 5 bites, small, reaction not as severe as before. No bugs found.

    2/18 - Stayed in city (I know I should've stayed in my apartment, but I was flipping out and really needed sleep.)

    2/19 - Decide that more needed to be done - we threw out most of my
    furniture/belongings (and I didn't have much pre-BB), cleaned out closet of
    cardboard boxes, inspected/sealed the rest in bags and airtight boxes. More
    laundry/bagging of clothes. Bedlam in cracks in wood floor, applied DE to floor
    after Bedlam dried, to fireplace, chair, bathroom cabinets, radiators, behind the
    fridge, closet - basically everywhere I could think that a BB could or would
    want to hide. No bites, no bugs.

    2/20 - Stayed in city. DE still on floor. Set up BB Beacon.

    2/21 - 2 bites, small, not severe reaction. No bugs found. No results from BB
    Beacon, which had been knocked over by cat on 2/20. DE still on floor.

    2/22 - 2/23 - PCO comes, says he has no idea what to do next, feels that the
    nest under the wood floors, asks me to monitor trap and bites, to call on Friday
    (2/25). Reset trap, stay in city.

    Come in night of 2/22, 2/23 to check on cat, trap - nothing in trap. DE still on floor.

    2/24 - Decide to suck it up and stay in apartment - if the BBs bite me, at least
    they should have to cross the DE to get to me. 2 bites, small reaction, no bugs
    found. DE still on floor, nothing in trap.

    2/25 - 5 bites, severe reaction. Found 1 4th - 5th  stage instar in bed, near
    site of bites. This was at 7 am - flip out. Call PCO. DE still on floor, nothing
    in trap. Decide trap is useless.

    2/26 - PCO comes, more confused. Thinks instar might be a straggler, where did
    it come from? Thought DE on floor would've had an effect. Thinks I should start
    poly-ing and caulking the cracks? But sprays residual around bed, on the paper
    that the mattress rests on, says to monitor bites, please call Thursday. Says
    that this might be a "war of attrition". That night, 2 bites (I think - they
    could've been from previous night), no bugs found. DE still on floor.

    2/27 - 2 bites, no bug found, DE still on floor.

    2/28 - No bugs, no bites. DE still on floor.

    03/01 - No bugs, no bites. DE still on floor.
    (Today marks 10 days after DE was put down the second time, 3 days after residual sprayed)

    03/02 - Stayed in the city. DE still on floor.

    03/03 - No bugs, no bites. Call PCO, give him update. DE still on floor.

    03/04 - No bugs, no bites. DE still on floor. PCO came - seems to feel that the residual he put down and the DE that I have on the floor will do the job of slowly killing anything that comes for me. He said he doesn't see the point of spraying since that would mess up the dust. He's still going with the premise that the nest is under the floorboards and that they are coming up through the cracks. PCO tells me to keep him updated. I am crushed.


    The PCO is a nice guy, but seems very "spray and pray". I also think that he's the LL's friend, and while he is licensed, and seems to get a lot of work in the city, it seems to me that much of the heavy lifting in this case has been done by my SO and I. I understand that getting to beneath the floor would be almost impossible, but at this point, this "waiting it out"/kill them with DE thing that the PCO is suggesting is getting old.

    In addition to monitoring for bites, he's asked me to get up at 5, every morning, to make sure there are no bugs on the walls...which I have been doing. So far, haven't seen a bug on the walls at night, or during the day (knock on wood).

    I haven't seen an adult bug since the first night of this ordeal, and the last live bug (a late nymph) was caught on the 2/25.

    Also - have yet to find eggs, or actual casings. Found old blood spots on sheets,
    and one old fecal stain, but no fresh ones since applying the most recent round of DE.

    I am confused about the sudden drop in bites in the past 4 days - this is the longest I've gone thus far without bites. The PCO thinks that this means that all of the bugs in the apartment are dead...but I think that's too good to be true. I know that I'm a little paranoid about bugs, but something feels wrong about this situation. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop/the shit to hit the fan. The stress is killing me. I keep thinking that if I can just make it to 14 days in a row without bites, I'll be golden.

    I wish there was a way to get under the floorboards, but I doubt the LL will allow drilling into the ceiling of the unoccupied apartment below mine...

    If anyone has any opinions or suggestions, I would be incredibly grateful!!! I am completely stumped.

    Thank you, again for taking the time to read my long story!

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