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New apartment bugs

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  1. nimbusbugs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Aug 15 2018 9:31:02

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    So I recently moved into an apartment, and by recently I mean like I've only slept here for about 2 weeks.
    Since this was my first apartment I had no furniture. and since money is a little tight I decided to by from mostly goodwill, salvation army, and a local flee market. The last of which was my downfall. from the flee market I bought a nice wooden couch with cushions on it. It looked amazing and is the first piece of furniture I've ever bought. When we moved it in we saw a few small bugs on it but didn't think much of it as it had been parked under a tree for a bit before we got it in the apartment. a few days later we saw another bug. at first, we didn't even consider bed bugs because these didn't seem to come from the cushions but from the wooden arms and thought bed bugs only lived on soft cushions and mattresses. Plus again, we saw A bug, not bugs. just one.
    the next morning we saw two of them.
    the morning after that we saw another one and decided we needed to take action. When we first brought the couch home we had scrubbed not only the frame but the cushions (fat lotta good it did) but now we decided it was time to get a bug spray. so we sprayed the frame where we saw the bugs and around the edges of the cushions.
    next morning? you guessed it BUGS!
    so the day before last we wrapped the entire couch in plastic after dusting it with diatomaceous earth.
    and honestly, I thought everything would be ok. all of yesterday we saw no bugs. until late that night movement catches my attention and from the corner of my eye on my black pillow is a bug. so now, today, the bed is wrapped. all wall edges are dusted with diatomaceous earth.

    I think these are bed bugs but I'm not sure. I'm the only person actually living here and have gotten no bites. we've moved and looked through practically everything and haven't found anything that looks like eggs or juvenile bugs. no random black splotches, no creepy crawlies. all I ever saw were what looked like adult bed bugs.

    is there anything more I can be doing?
    I know I should call management but I hesitate. In my city, there are only two building that a person under the age of 55 and disabled can live. both buildings are owned by the same people. being a disabled young adult I'm scared that if I do tell management that, IN MY FIRST MONTH OF LIVING HERE, I think I brought in bed bugs that they'll kick me out.

  2. dude

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Aug 15 2018 10:40:59

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    well you can start by posting a close up picture of the bugs so the experts here can identify it

  3. HifromChi

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Aug 16 2018 9:09:49

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    Yep. Takes pics so an expert confirmation can be made that it's actually a bed bug.

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