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New apartment and afraid to unpack and store anything!

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  1. FreakedGuyNYC

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Aug 23 2012 14:30:50

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    Hi folks, new here... gotta say, great forum. So sorry so many are suffering.

    I recently moved into a new apartment (small studio) in NYC, and it's an old building. Lots of cracks in walls and along the baseboards and the wood floors (no carpet). I'm paranoid of all manner of city pests (mice, roaches, etc.) but the dreaded BBs are at the VERY-TOP of my list, especially since I live in NYC and we are constantly being bombarded with stories about this rising problem. I am going to post more about my story later, but suffice it to say for now that I do not have a case of bed bugs that I know of (I have heard unsubstantiated rumors of a case in my building from many months before I moved in - no way to verify). But I'm paranoid of bringing them in from the gym, the subway, ANYWHERE, or them coming on from a neighbor.

    My big issue right now is that I have very little furniture or belongings. I'm trying to unpack (also purge/declutter, which I should have done when I left old apt. but didn't have time to do enough), get stuff stored in closet, etc., and make my new place functional. I have very little surface space and I have to get stuff off the floors. I have one large metal shelf from BedBath&Beyond and one SMALL wood kitchen island, and one plastic desk from Home Depot (meant to be a tool/utility table but I use it as a desk) and one small plastic set of drawers from Home Depot (again meant as tool/woodworking/utility storage but I'm using it for tshirts etc). I'm living very minimalist which is GOOD but I need a bit more.

    Basically my day to day stuff gets tossed onto those surfaces. Or they get tossed onto one of the boxes I've yet to unpack. Gym clothes, gym bags, the clothes I wore for work that day but not ready to wash, bedtime clothes not ready to wash, a big plastic garbage bag for clothes to be laundered, various mail, bills, keys, odds and ends. I'm basically using these surfaces for everything I need on a daily basis going in and out of the apt.

    My work clothes are hanging in the closet but otherwise I desperately need to organize and get things put away, AND buy some new affordable storage units (shelving, dresser) but here's the thing... I AM PARALYZED. I can't make ANY DECISIONS about what to buy, how to organize, how to store clothes and sporting equipment in my closet (closet also has lots of holes in the wood). I am PARANOID that I'll do it wrong, and make an even more friendly environment for bed bugs to thrive! It's literally driving me insane. Living in a small space, with the bed not far from anything, doesn't make it easier. So my questions are, in a nutshell...

    1. What's the best way to keep non-hanging clothing, linens, towels, etc in the closet so they don't make a comfy home for bugs? Should I get some kind of plastic container (not a fan of those because a lot of them smell chemically)? Some other kind? I also have tall kitchen garbage bags (these tear EASILY so not a great solution) of fall/winter clothes that aren't ready to be busted out so they have to stay in the closet... how should I store those?

    2. What's the best kind of non-closet storage system? I'd like some more shelving with "stuff" out of site. I'm at a loss about material (wood, metal). So confused. Same with dresser.

    3. I need surface space!!!!! I need to be able to come in and plop my gym bag, office bag, etc. without putting it on the floor or a cardboard box.

    4. Last but not least I need a bigger kitchen Island for my microwave, toaster, and for cooking surface space. Wood? Metal? Something else?

    SORRY this is so long, but I really am kind of pathetically desperate and OCDish about this. I'm afraid to buy anything or set up any system of organization for fear I'll make a mistake. And FORGET ABOUT A COUCH for now. I am too worried about my BED!!!!! (a whole other story for a different thread - though with my encasements it's probably a fairly safe bed, if I could just stop kicking my covers onto the floor in my sleep! YUCK!).

    ANY ADVICE is much appreciated! The very topic of BBs is crazymaking for anyone, even people who don't have a reason to suspect they currently have them!

    Love, FreakingGuyNYC

  2. feelinghelplesswith3 babies

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Aug 23 2012 15:44:51

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    freaked dont punish your self if you dont have them and didnt have them in your old building dont worry live lifeas normal as you can. cross that bridge when its time right now you are aware and thats great maybe buy some DE read the FAQ's here on how not to bring them home and on how to apply the DE. believe me i had them have them not sure anymore its fairly early to tell. but i was emotionally freaked out mentally and i am ocd and obsessive on the topic. i have never been like that or maybe i have just on other things. so with all that said . relax. try to at least. i live in an old 1927 building where the original harwood floors are still here . crack and crevices everywhere . i had bed bugs coming from the ceiling from a crack in the crown moldings so i know what you mean on top of it the next door brick old building as well has had them for 4 years they keep going from unit to unit and one of the neighbors is a good friend my children and hers and we car pool. and believe it shes never had them the peple above her has and below. so as you can see even when a building has them the other units may not get them. just my 2 cents. enjoy life -

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