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New apartment

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  1. badtastebecca

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Thu Oct 1 2015 16:33:46

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    Okay so to explain my situation fully I'll start from the very beginning.
    I moved into a new apartment across the country literally a week ago today. All of my stuff isn't even unpacked yet. Our mattress (which came across the country with us) was on the floor (which has brand new carpeting) and we were walking around the neighborhood when we found a "FREE" bed frame it is only 4 slates and in good condition so we brought it home and went to lowes and bought 2 by 4s to assemble it fully.
    Now this is the BIG mistake we made : since we only had a mattress we ended up getting a cheap boxspring off of craigslist. It was old but seemed to be in good condition. (Though, we didn't take any precautionary measures and thoroughly inspect) but anyway we get it home and have everything set up and 2 days later my girlfriend is covered in itchy red bitemark looking dots. We checked our pets for fleas and they were fine so we took the bed apart and started inspecting the boxspring with a flashlight and sure enough we find one small spot on the outside seaming that had a bedbug/excrement on it. We immediately throw out all of our bedding (mattress/boxspring/pillows) and go to homedepo and purchase PROOF plant-based bed bug protection and HARRIS EGG KILL BED BUG KILLER and spray the entire room , up the walls and along the baseboards and molding, in and around corners of dressers and the entire bed frame cracks and all then vacuumed. Now keep in mind that we only had this box spring in the house for 2 days and then immediately threw everything out when we inspected after she was bitten. We took all clothing and linen that even remotely came in contact with the bed to the laundry mat and washed and dried everything on the hottest it could be and vacuumed the entire apartment, took showers and tied up the clothing we were wearing while cleaning in garbage bags to be yet again washed on high at the laundry mat. We have plans to spray and vacuum again today in the bedroom along the walls and bed frame and vacuum the carpet thoroughly but my main concern is because we through out the boxspring and mattress could it have spread to the entirety of the apartment and what should we do? This honestly is a nightmare, and I know even though we only saw one you hear all the horror stories and that's all I can picture happening. I really need some guidance. I've only been here a WEEK and could have potentially ruined my life. Please someone help me.

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