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    Fri Jul 22 2011 1:12:35

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    Hi! I live in an apartment with 2 other people. We share a 3 bedroom apartment, which is on the top floor, with another 3 bedroom below us. I had been suspecting we had bedbugs for a few weeks now, but I also thought, as its summer, I was just getting mosquito bites. The other day my roommate was rearranging her furniture and said she had found several bb's all over it. She freaked out and sprayed her bed with bleach. She then went to Wal_mart and got herself a can of something that kills nits, sprayed her mattress, and put a cover over it. She seems to think it was successful. As I hadn't seen any in my room, I hadn't done anything yet.

    Then my panic started. I started seeing the little buggers all the time, all different sizes. I've been working alot lately, and haven't quite had a chance to find out where they are and what to do about them. As of right now, its 2 am here, and I have to work at 7 am, and I can't get myself to sleep, because I'm fairly certain I have quite a few creepy crawlies in my bed. I would check right now, but as I've been reading, I can see that the bugs are more likely to be active right now.

    I am unsure what my next step should be. I think I need to tell my rental company, and where I live (Maine) its law that the landlord has to pay for it. However, its almost time for us to sign a new lease, and I am afraid that if we go to the landlord and talk about our issue, we may just be denied a new lease and out on our ears when our lease is up. I then saw and ad for a discreet "Heat treatment option" which on every website I have seen, seems to be highly effective. Should I speak to my landlord or just have the heat guys come in and bake my apartment?

    Also any tips on how I can get to sleep without freaking out would be a huge help! Thanks!

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