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Neem oil as a repellent to prevent transferring home

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  1. hopeitsnotbugs

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    Wed Mar 7 2018 9:46:58

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    I've read a couple of older posts about the use of Neem oil as an insecticide and repellent, but I am interested if anyone has used this (or its efficacy) in using these a way to prevent reinfestation.

    We don't know where we picked up our BB. Truth is it could have been from anywhere, but more likely sources are where we spend a lot of time. Possibilities include: 1. My husband's workplace in Milwaukee. He has admitted it is fully possible, although hasn't seen anything, and he hasn't shown up with any bites--but may be a nonreactor. 2) My kids' school 3). My used car. Bites appeared the day after to a few days after I got it. May have only been one, but we all know it only takes one pregnant female. This car seems cursed as it's a 2017 and I'll be taking it in for the 3rd time for another issue in less than 6 weeks. 4) One of the 8 homes I'm in every week as a home health care provider. I've never seen anything and it's not like I'm going to ask.

    So, it is possible we put all of our things in the dryer or Zappbug as soon as we get home, but am looking for other preventative measures. Would Neem oil be effective? I've even seen that people use it as lotion and it helps with skin problems too.

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