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Needing some help, Clueless. Do we have an inefestation?

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  1. lyndihenderson

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jan 29 2018 12:57:29

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    Hello, I’m at a loss for words and thought.
    So in February of 2017 we moved into our apartment, we’re downstairs and we love it here. Never had a trace of any bugs at all, maybe a centipede and pincher bug here and there but nothing outrageous or serious. Over the summer on our porch we had boxelder bugs, those yucky stink bugs. But went away as fall approached, around our apartment we have many bushes and trees and we’re surrounded by shrubbery.
    In October 2017 while headed to bed I saw something on the wall above my pillows, the bug was dead. My landlord confirmed it was a bed bug, my son, husband and I had no bites at all, and we searched our entire house up and down, every nook and cranny. A pest guy came out, checked our bed and besides finding once shedding he found nothing. Our bed was old and we ended getting rid of it and bought a new bed in December 2017, meanwhile no bugs. Our new bed has casing around it. I forgot about it and figure maybe it came from outside and that we got lucky it was only one and a male, and was dead.
    Over the weekend, I woke up early and as I sat on my bed and was getting dressed I noticed something on our box frame we haven’t bought any new bedding just a sheet so, our bed is on the ground and you can see the pure white casing that surrounds the box frame. I thought it was a piece of dust, a few seconds later it was gone. I lifted the bed up a bit and saw it was a live bug. A male, and it wasn’t engulfed at all with blood, so it hadn’t eaten. Immediately I check the whole bed and floors and baseboards. Bagged all clothes and bedding. Called the landlord and left a message. I put the bug in a Ziploc bag and inside a container for the pest guy if and when he comes out. I found nothing, no droppings or stains. No bites on any of us. I’m freaking out a bit.
    Could they be coming from outside? Or work maybe? Or another neighbor? Although we’ve had the same neighbors since we moved in and nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m starting to think I’m crazy. Could it be because we live around bushes and trees? We keep our windows and doors shut most of the time and locked. I’m just at a loss for words and I have horrible anxiety and this is just killing me. If in fact we did have an infestation, about three months had passed since we saw the dead one wouldn’t we have at least been bitten or seen more by now?
    Pleas Help!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jan 29 2018 14:39:44

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    They're not coming from the trees or bushes. You might ask your landlord if your neighboring apartments have been inspected for bed bugs recently, it might be time. Best to understand the level of the work and how many units need to be treated before forming a plan, because treating a single unit when others around have bed bugs is just a waste of money in my opinion.

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