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Needing ID please

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  1. Herb

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Aug 5 2019 10:10:30

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    We recently have found numerous of this bug in our bathroom and 3 in our bed. We have recently had a bed bug infestation at my work so to say I have been paranoid recently would be an understatement.

    618F6E8A-DC75-4792-B68A-8E2F13501209 by Sam Smith, on Flickr

    27E5C8B0-3B89-471A-B5BE-CD88D590EE28 by Sam Smith, on Flickr

    C1239A26-F54C-4462-BD5F-0A75AE78C55A by Sam Smith, on Flickr

  2. Mawiwala

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Aug 5 2019 10:22:20

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    Please compare with saw toothed grain beetle. Not a bed bug.

  3. loubugs

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Mon Aug 5 2019 17:08:12

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    It's one of the latrdiid beetles. Has to do with moisture, condensation, mold.

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