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  1. AlyssaWolfe

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Aug 16 2012 18:01:51

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    My boyfriend and I moved out on our own for the first time in October of last year. We were really excited to have a place so close to our jobs, several grocery stores, and bus loops, not to mention it's in our budget. Growing up, neither of us has ever had problems with bed bugs in the places we lived inwith our parents and didnt even think about asking the landlord about it.
    Big mistake. We've lived here for about 10 and a half months and have had bed bugs 3 times. it takes about 1 month-2 months for anything to be done about it, and until the treatment is done we end up sleeping on our cheap futon in the living room. The last 2 treatments were stressful and this third one coming up is going to be worse because we now have 2 cats with us that we'll have to put into crates and bring with us while we're kicked out for the day.
    We're currently looking for somewhere else to move to, but it's hard when we, together, make just under $20,000 a year, and I have a few credit card bills I need to pay off from dental work that I have very little coverage on as it's considered "cosmetic".
    We waste so much money on laundry, having to throw EVERYTHING into the coin-operated laundry machines downstairs, bags to keep them in as far away from the room as possible and now that we're going to move we have to buy a new mattress and dresser!
    Does anyone know if there's any moving incentives or help with this stuff financially when you're a low-income person? Apart from BC housing as I don't want to fully rely on government/tax payers.

    Forgot to mention:
    We live in BC Canada.

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