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Need Serious Guidance on Son's situation

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  1. concernedmom

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Dec 10 2018 14:16:51

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    My son was recently home for the Thanksgiving holiday. He arrived on Wednesday and left on Saturday. Approximately 1 week after going back to his home, he called to tell me one of his roommates had bb's. Immediately after the roommate noticed them, both my son and the 3rd roommate inspected their bedrooms (it's a 3 bedroom unit) and found no signs on their mattresses and neither had any bites. They also checked the living room sofa but didn't see any signs. They notified their ll on Thursday evening and in turn a PCO was sent to the unit the following Tuesday (nearly 2 weeks since he had gotten back home). They did confirm the bb's and noted "the one bedroom had most of them and the rest of the unit has little sign of them (Again - he had been at his home nearly 2 weeks by this point). The adjacent apartment has no sign of them." They will be using a heat treatment next week. I am not sure why there will be more than a week between the confirmation and the treatment and concerned of the bugs spreading to areas that weren't infected before.

    My son only brought a backpack when he came home and checked it for bb's after being told by his roommate. His backpack is kept in his room. He found no sign in his back pack nor in the book or folder that was currently in his backpack.

    Once home, he showered shortly after arriving and coincidentally we washed all the clothes he brought with him except the ones he put on after the shower (we did this because it's what he does when he comes home for a visit from college). I had friends coming over that night and again coincidentally vacuumed the bathroom tile to prepare for guests. He stayed in our lower level on the sofa. It is a sofa sleeper but he did not open it - just slept on the sofa. His backpack was on the floor not far from the sofa.

    He drove to our home with his sister and two others in the vehicle. My daughter and her boyfriend have inspected her vehicle and her bags but haven't seen anything nor have any kind of bites. My daughter's bags were all washable so she put everything through the wash/dryer just to be safe. Her boyfriend found no bedbugs in his bag that would have been near my son's bag in the car.

    I have been a ball of stress since being told. I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the likelihood of him bringing a "hitchhiker" home with him? Again, there were no signs of bb's in his room. And at that point of the infestation would have been only in his roommates bedroom.

    It has now been nearly 3 weeks since he was home and I have inspected the sofa he slept on several times but see no signs of bb's (we threw out the mattress even though he didn't use it, right away as we actually had another one on order and had planned on throwing it out anyway). Also, my husband watches TV down there nightly and has no bites. I have cleaned out neighboring closets and found no signs of bb's. Upstairs I continue to check box springs, mattresses & headboards and haven't seen any signs. I have also checked all living room furniture in seems and crevices, but again have found nothing. Also, none of us have any bites (not even my son). I vacuum the entire house nearly daily.

    My son has had a trip planned for quite some time and his apartment will be treated while he's gone. I need to ensure he doesn't inadvertently bring anything with him to the friend's house he's staying with. I had him buy a new bag to use and he will also wash/dry all the clothing he is taking with him and put it straight from the dryer to the bag. I told him to ensure he thoroughly inspects his shoes and reinspect his belongings before taking anything out at his friend's house.

    When he comes home for Christmas he will fly in from where his friend lives to our city. I have bought him new clothes to put on before entering the house and intend to inspect his bag before allowing it in the house and will throw it in the dryer as well as wash/dry everything in the bag.

    Here are my questions: 1) When can I be semi sure that he did not bring a stray bb home when he was home for Thanksgiving? Again - 3 weeks no bites or signs throughout the house. 2)what should he do to ensure he doesn't bring any strays with him on his trip? 3)What steps can I take to ensure he doesn't have any when he comes home? 4) Is there any reason to worry about the people that rode with him when he came home for Thanksgiving or the people that were at my house for Thanksgiving that didn't spend the night but were in my house?

    I have purchased mattress and box spring encasements for all of the beds, interceptors and white sheets to give me piece of mind when he is home for Christmas. And to possibly give me piece of mind now.

    I feel like I am doing everything I can to catch any early signs. But I am not even sure if what I am doing is necessary as they weren't in his room at his apartment or the backpack he brought with him. AND it was a minor infestation confined mostly to his roommate's room. But I also feel like I am going crazy thinking about all the possibilities. Any guidance would be appreciated!!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Dec 10 2018 16:58:45

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    A low level infestation that was confined mostly to another bedroom in his apartment, it all sounds pretty good from where I'm sitting. Stay vigilante, but with a reliable host and a small population to feed to need to wander is very low.
    Heat treatments take an entire day, so scheduling can be a week out when the PCO is booked.

  3. thirdusername

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Tue Dec 11 2018 2:15:16

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    @BigDummy, what is your opinion on heat treating a unit in an apartment building?

    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.

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