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NEED HELP....are they back?

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  1. jewlzak

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon May 5 2014 16:55:23

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    Hello All,

    I have been on this site several times over the last six months and have received so much helpful information. I found out that our three bedroom home was infested with bed bugs. I was only able to detect the bugs in our master bedroom. I do not believe that they spread through out our home because it was cold and the floor in bedroom has tile. When I discovered the bugs late one night it was mid December right before Christmas. My husband and I have had no reaction to the bites so it went undetected for quite some time. He just happened to look at mattress one day and was like ummm what is that? We pulled back mattress corner and they were everywhere! I believe we brought them home in October after we stayed at a hotel room that smelled horribly like bleach. So here is how we treated:

    1. Threw out mattress, box spring, and frame. We just could never sleep on the bed again and wanted it out of house asap. We literally carried it out our house at 11pm that night.
    2. Cleared and bagged all clothes out of room. Took all pictures out and everything out of the room. Cleared out dressers. Literally the room had nothing let in it except the bedroom furniture.
    3. Inspected other bedrooms in house no sign anywhere. Including couches. Tore apart my daughters crib. Etc.
    4. Bought a super powered shop vac and steam cleaner.
    5. My husband and I worked as a team vacuuming the inside of electrical outlets, baseboards, dressers, carpets, headboard, couches. Everything that we could possible think of. Picture frames ceiling fans. EVERYTHING.
    6. I went over all the things mentioned above with a steam cleaner very slowly. Paying close attention to furniture that was next to bed. This took hours. Especially the couch.
    7. I dusted the entire bedroom with DE. Nighstands, headboards, baseboards. We also put it in the crevices in the couch where it still sits. Shut the bedroom door and let it sit for about a couple weeks before we vacuumed it up.
    8. Replaced the carpet that is in our hallway, guest bedroom, and daughters room.
    9. Every item of clothing was either washed or placed in dryer for an hour.
    10. I vacuumed out all the shoes and pursed that were in the bedroom. Threw away anything that we did not need to keep.
    11. Bought a new bed and mattress encasements for every bed and box spring in the house. We purchased from amazon and it cost a couple hundred dollars.
    12. Moved back into bedroom.

    IT WAS SO MUCH WORK!!! My husband thought I had truly lost my mind. But after reading all the stories I decided if I was going to do this I only wanted to do it once. It took about a month of sleeping in the guest bedroom. But I would go into the bedroom that was infested several times at night and on a few occasions would a find bed bug crawling around. My daughter who was two years old never slept in her crib again. We bought her a new bed and got rid of mattress and crib. Even though we did not see any of bugs in crib. I thought that we might have got them all at last.


    It has now been almost six months since the bed bug horror began. I am also carrying our second child almost 18 weeks pregnant. I regularly check our sheets, bed frame, and mattress for blood signs little bugs or fecal spots. Have not found anything. Then horror struck last night.

    My daughter is playing in her room and I hear her say "mama get it"

    There it crawls one male bed bug crawling on her pink chair next to the bed.....are they back?

    I looked everywhere that night with a flash light not one sign anywhere. The bed bug look to be in the fourth stage of growth and it appeared to be male. Was it a straggler looking for a meal? It was in the middle of the day. Strange time to be out for the lil bugger......what do you think?

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