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NEED HELP PLEASE - have been losing my mind all week

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  1. needhelpplease

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Fri Mar 15 2019 21:50:54

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    I have suffered from bed bugs 4 years ago. When I had them at that apartment, it took them 3 times and my persistence for them to believe me/ find anything. My roommate at my new apartment got them 2 years ago, so the apartment complex gave me a "protect-a-mattress" encasement for my bed.
    Recently, I found 3 bites near my elbow. I have excema, so I didn't think anything about it until I noticed 3 small spots that matched the bites on my elbow on my sheets. See the picture here:
    I looked under the sheet, and found a few particles that looked like crumbs. I found 2 very small particles that were very hard and white, that I was worried were bed bug eggs, but decided not to freak myself out and threw them away without taking a picture. The other particles did not seem like shed skin to me, as they were not resembling of anything I found on here.
    I have washed the sheets since then.
    I have also found a couple of other spots on the bed, seen here:
    I have scoured the space around my bed, looking for encasements, eggs, etc. I have taken apart my bed frame, looked in drawers, and inspected the carpet. I haven't found anything. I am wondering if I should even waste my time asking the apartment to come inspect, due to my prior experience with visual inspections. I am very concerned about this and need advice ASAP. I have read this forum over and over, for HOURS, to check for stain similarities but haven't found any that look like mine. I have lost so much sleep and time searching and researching this.
    Any advice would be welcome. Thank you in advance.

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Sat Mar 16 2019 4:08:10

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    The marks on the sheets are not consistent with bedbugs, if you read the “blood spots on sheets primer” you can see examples of what to look for.

    Hope that that helps.

    David Cain
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