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Need Help IDing: Carpet Beetle or Bed Bug?

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  1. nobugsinmanhattan

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Sep 22 2018 13:34:14

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    I recently woke up with a cluster of what looks like bug bites on my legs. Having dealt with bed bugs in the past, I immediately freaked out (though I know you can’t identify bed bugs from bites themselves). I pulled apart my bedding and couldn’t find any evidence; no fecal stains, carcasses, etc, but I bought Raid for bed bugs anyway and started spraying. As I was putting on a mattress cover, I found a few of these bugs; I cannot tell if they’re bed bugs or carpet beetles. This is the only one that’s reddish-brown in appearance, the others are black and we’re scrunched up like roly-polies. Any help IDing is much appreciated!

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Sep 22 2018 14:09:28

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    You're not able to get a closer, more macro picture? It would help, but it looks like a carpet beetle larva from pictures supplied.

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