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Need Help Identifying Possible Fecal Matter under Recliner

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  1. Groovinator

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jun 25 2018 22:41:46

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    I recently purchased a recliner from a decent house and what seemed like a decent person. After checking over it, I brought it home. Recently, I've been getting quite a few bug bites.

    It was the beginning of a dry spell, but I've previously had bedbugs after living in a rundown apartment, so my mind and anxiety kinda went into overdrive when the thought of going through that hell peeked up.

    Now, my bites aren't quite the same as when I had them before, as they're mostly in hairy places, which seems weird. Nonetheless, I overturned the recliner again to double check.

    What i thought was dirt before seems to be a bit more suspicious now. It was just on the middle of the board with no evidence of fecal matter in between the upholstery or any cracks, just there. I just want someone to confirm what it is. Thanks!

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jun 28 2018 11:15:19

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    Nothing bed bug related in the pic.

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