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Need advice/help with moving, so I don't bring them with me to new place.

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Aug 1 2012 14:25:05

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    I live with my mom who has a bed bug problem. I am moving in 1-2 weeks to a new place and want to avoid bringing the problem with me, as I want to end this battle now!

    I am already getting my car thermally treated as a precaution. I'd rather pay and have an ounce of prevention than a measure of a cure.

    I am taking all of my belongings with me. I have already washed/dried and bagged all clothes. I just don't know what to do with the other stuff like: cd's, books, random papers, jewelry etc.

    I cannot afford a packtite at this time, so that's out of the question.
    So, does anyone have any recommendations on what to do?

    I live in South Florida, where the temps can get to 90 plus outside, and 100 plus in the car.
    Should I bag up everything in clear trash bags and leave them in the car in a sunny spot, or on the driveway, or just take everything out of the bag and leave it on the driveway?
    What is the best way to ensure I don't take any with me?

    Any advice, experience, or suggestions are very welcome!

    Thank you so much, this website is amazing, and thank you for having it!
    You guys make it just that much easier to deal with.

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