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Need Advice Please!!!!!

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  1. PleaseN0

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jan 8 2013 1:22:56

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    Hey! This is the last place I ever wanted to post, but as I was coming home tonight, walking into my house I caught a huge bed bug on my jacket. I googled it and it looked like a fully mature one. I know that I did not have them in my house as I have never been bitten and check the mattress periodically. I have no idea where the bedbug came from-for example, the last place I was was in my car which had just been cleaned a couple of days ago, I had come out of my house , drove for 40 minutes to pick up my boyfriend from work and drove home without stopping anywhere. I know that he doesn't have bed bugs either-and after I found the one on me I checked over his jacket. Earlier that day, like 5 hours earlier, I had been at the post office and received a package and stopped by a friend's house, who I'm pretty sure doesn't have bed bugs but there were other people there. Can a bed bug come out of package with a used book? How long could it have hung around on my jacket? Mostly, I'm worried because I had been wearing clothes and to the post office and friend's house and I took them off and put them away in my closet. What would be the best course to follow now to make sure I don't get infested? DO i need to take out the clothes and put them in the dryer? The clothes hanging next to them as well? Also what to do about the jacket? It's a brand new jacket that says "do not dry clean, tumble dry low" so I don't think I can put it in the dryer on high heat and dry cleaners are out. Is it more likely that it could have been just the one bug? My worst fear is my clothes getting infested, as most of them are pretty expensive :'(. Any advice is much appreciated, I'm freaking out and know nothing about the subject.

  2. AbsolutelyFreaking

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jan 8 2013 9:02:41

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    Dear Pleaseno,

    First, please take a deep breath (easy for me to say, right).

    PleaseN0 - 7 hours ago  » 
    . . . I caught a huge bed bug on my jacket.

    I don't believe bedbugs are usually "huge." I think the below chart says 5.5 mm (adult) which is something like 0.2165 inches:

    You absolutely need to get a positive ID. If you still have the bug, please take a picture and post it on here so one of the AWESOME experts that ID on this site can ID it for you. Here are the instructions on how to post a picture (embedded perferred by the experts):

    There are also some FAQ that you can review that have very good information in them:

    I don't know what kind of jacket you have, but if it will make you feel better in the meantime, you can put it, and your clothes, in the dryer (for at least 30 minutes unless its a really insulated jacket, then you would need more time).

    Disclaimer: I am not a clothes expert and do not know if high heat will harm your jacket or not. I have put just about everything I have in the dryer (even leather shoes before I got my PackTite). In theory, and usually, if the items are delicate and are dry, then the dryer USUALLY doesn't harm them. (It does shrink leather shoes some though.)

    You can also consider getting a PackTite for your jacket and items you don't want to put in the dryer . . . but that might be jumping the gun a little bit.

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