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Need Advice - Is it EVER okay to sleep somewhere else?

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  1. Gloglo21

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Sep 19 2016 14:41:42

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    I have a kind of unique situation. My house has been confirmed to have bed bugs but I'm not even at my house most days of the week.

    Theres a neiboring family living on one side of the house, and on my side just a cat and dog. I presume they are the main host of the bed bugs since I'm hardly there. The bed bugs were found both on their side of the house and in my carpet (perhaps feeding off the pets?). I spend 4-5 nights a week at my boyfriends house and am at school and work during the day.

    My questions are:
    1. How likely is it that I've given my boyfriends appartment bedbugs?/What can I do now that I've already put his appartment at risk?

    2. I've already been staying with him, so would it be unreasonable for me to stay there entirely until the treatment is done? (Only bringing sanitized clothes)

    Ps.I really really hate/am grossed out by bedbugs. I reallt dont want to sleep near them if possible.


  2. bbcomox

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 24 2016 1:58:01

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    I am not an expert. Here are my comments. If you have bedbugs in your unit, the bedbugs will feed off you or your pets. If you are not there most of the time, then I would think that bedbugs will likely feed off from your pets. Given that your pets move around and may sleep around in your unit, I would think that bedbugs may have followed your pets and spread within your unit.

    To minimize your chance of spreading bedbugs to your boyfriend's apartment, I would change into clean clothes prior to entering your boyfriend's place and place "contaminated" clothing in Ziploc bags. Then, launder and dry your contaminated clothes.

    I am not sure the protocol to be absent when your unit is being treated. Follow the PCO's advice.

    Good luck!

  3. basementdweller

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Sep 24 2016 4:46:11

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    I really want to know too just how far bed bugs will go for a meal.

    I've had my home treated for bed bugs, signs were found in three upstairs bedrooms and the living room couches. Since treatment(s), bed bug signs in the bed rooms have disappeared (for now). However, bugs are still spotted in the couch and quite a few I might add.

    Currently I'm having someone sleep on the couches to keep the bed bugs there until my PCO can come back and give a more through treatment. I wonder if bed bugs would really go the distance of climbing up or down a floor to feed. What is their range on detecting humans by their breathing and body heat? I have pets but they're quite furry and don't really get bit. If bed bugs were okay with biting pets, they would be okay with biting up in my hair and that has never happened.

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