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Need advice: Do I get my house fumigated or not?

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  1. jaygreen

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Apr 29 2009 17:09:33

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    I own a rowhouse. My adjoining neighbor's place was infested and is currently undergoing treatment. Two different people from the pest control company that I use have not found evidence of infestation. However, my sister and iIhave both been bit, many times. One of the pest control guys saw a couple but no casings, eggs, poop, etc. I've seen one. My sister has seen a few.
    So..... should we just by a bed bug spray? Also I plan to vacuum, scrub, and put silicone on all the crack and crevices between my place and the neighbors.
    Or...should I just get over it, pay the huge amount of money, go through the pain in the ass process and get fumigated. My pest control company will come a minimum of 3 times. The cost will be anywhere between $600-$900, there's goes the tax return.
    Don't want the bugs. What should I do?


  2. begonebedbugs

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Wed Apr 29 2009 19:21:22

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    Hmmm - thats a tough call... if it were me I would get it done. If your already experiencing bites than I'd "ASSUME" you already have BB's and even if you dont - you could still get them from your neighbor. Its great news that you know now that they have them and are being treated. Caulking is a really proactive thing to do - I'd do that like NOW! Also ask your PCO if they would drill holes into your walls and treat those too - I had my exterminator do that to all the walls in between our bedrooms and any rooms that had bugs and it seems to have made a big difference in the fight.

    Do you use the same Exterminator as your neighbor? That might help too.. How about Bed Bug dogs? They could help in telling you if you already have a problem as well!

    Good luck! I know its alot of money - but if you DO have the bugs - its better to treat now before it gets too bad. Anyone of us that's gone thru this knows the money isnt as important as having your house/home back to normal. These bugs really rob you of your comfort and peace of mind!

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