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Need advice.. being bitten but can't find bugs! Plz help!

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  1. Mollygee23

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Tue Jul 10 2018 13:54:16

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    About 3 months ago I bought a used mattress (Stupid, I know. I thought I could trust the person. Obviously I was wrong). Within 2 days we stared getting bites, rashes, and random skin marks. Immediately I panicked, treated the room with OTC spray, washed and dried all of the clothes, hand washed all the toys, and encased the mattress. About a week later, we started getting bitten again. I should mention that this whole time I was searching for and bagging up any and all insects in our apt. I asked the apt. management to send out an exterminator. He came and said we were clear. IDed the bugs as beetles, roaches, etc. Not bedbugs. But we were still being bitten. I encased all other mattresses and bought a steamer. Daily inspections. Found one blood stain on my mattress and a bug shell in my daughter's dresser. I asked the apt. to send the exterminator back. He took the shell a bug I found and reported they were "food-related" (um, it had legs) and another roach. The apartment manager said she knew we didn't have bedbugs and wouldn't pay to treat even if we did. I had Terminex come out. They looked at blood stain and pic of bug I took bf handing it over to apt. manager and said we had BB. They were sketchy about what they were actually going to do to treat them, wanted a god awful amount of money, and failed to send me a quote via email as promised. So I called a local co. with good reviews on Yelp. The owner came out and inspected all mattresses and box springs. He said he didn't think we had them, and that Terminex is crooked (he used to work for them). I liked the guy. But the thing is we are still getting bit. They hurt/itch like crazy and are in clusters of 3 or a straight line. They appear just after or shortly after getting up. They are definitely bites, as they have puncture marks in the middle. I don't know what to do. The guy from the local company told me I could buy Temprid and a sprayer and treat myself if I wanted to. I guess since it's a residual it's ok if I can't find the nest? I don't know. I am going crazy looking for the things, and I know my whole family thinks that I am nuts and just need to let it go. But it's hard when we are being bitten. I have a one year old and a two year old and I feel so guilty for exposing them to this. I am on edge and yelling all the time because I am so stressed out. I put 2 sided tape along the ceiling and homemade interceptors on the beds, and just keep drying eveything we own. Half our belongings are on my dad's screened in porch after being dried and bagged. I feel like my life is being run by this. Am I going nuts?

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