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mysterious bites, but unlike bedbugs? (despite previous infestation)

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  1. geekninjaa

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jun 4 2013 6:42:48

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    in the past i had a pretty nasty bed bug infestation in my room. after about a year of tedious fighting, i finally got them under control, and seems like ive gotten rid of them. yet STILL i go to sleep every night and wake up with at least 1 new itchy spider bite looking welt on the lower half of my body. this confused the heck out of me. there are literally no signs what-so-ever of a continuing bed bug infestation. no poop, no sheddings, no new blood spots, no raspberry smells, no nothing. i have looked in pillow cases, examined blankets, checked every crack and crevice, looked in plugs, holes. seriously, at this point i think i know all their hiding places and have their behavior down. this isnt normal.

    the bites: there is a single bite on each effected area. there are no rows. i only get bites on my legs and ..ehem, thighs. the bites are fairly spread out. the closest ones are a couple on my calf with about 2 inches between them, but really thats it. the rest are totally isolated. they are pretty itchy. whatevers biting me seems to be getting through my clothing. i wear socks at night to protect my feet and still wake up occasionally with a bite on my foot, like its getting through fabric.

    you should probably know im sleeping on the floor since i got rid of my bedframe from the previous infestation. im next to a window, so i do tend to see critters crawling around sometimes.

    the bugs? :
    i got rid of one pest, now i got another. while looking for BB i always come across these guys. they seemed harmless but now im starting to suspect they are the culprit. any thoughts? disagreements?

  2. owedalk

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Nov 7 2013 19:43:20

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    Please, please respond to me. I am begging. This exact same scenario, verbatim is plaguing me currently for the last month. I had an infestation in a prior apartment in 2012 which I moved out from and into my current place, where I've been living for 2 years, and it seems something is biting and welting me!!! Did you ever find out what it was? Are you still being bit? I too am finding rather isolated bites about once a week, once on my calf, once on my foot, on my hand, my left boob, my hip, and now my right arm!!! It is large, hard and warm to the touch and itches and hurts like hell. Like a bit welt! I am mystifies, and have never seen any bugs in my house, just a few house spiders or centipedes. Any finding or lack thereof for you? Any response at all is appreciated as I am going completely insane.


  3. AbsolutelyFreaking

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Nov 8 2013 9:29:20

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    Hi owedalk,

    I'm responding to you because the OP posted five months ago but it doesn't appear anyone responded (and you sound a little freaked out right about now) . . .

    So . . . first, no one can diagnose your problems based on bites. Please read through this to see if it has some useful information for you:

    However, regarding your "bites" a couple of things struck me in your post . . . you say "your left boob and hip" . . . what do you wear to bed at night? From what I have read on the forum bed bugs will not usually bite through clothing and/or crawl "under" clothing to bite. They will go for the exposed skin area. (I say "not usually bite though clothing" because I believe I read that although it MAY be possible –IT'S NOT LIKELY - for a bed bug to bite through clothing, it would depend on the "thickness" of the material and the size of the bug.) Again . . . maybe possible but not probable. (I'M NOT AN EXPERT AND IF I'M REMEMBERING THAT INCORRECTLY, SOME EXPERT PLEASE CORRECT SUCH MISINFORMATION!) So depending on if you are wearing clothing covering your left boob and hip (clothing that couldn't easily "ride up" and/or shift as you sleep), these are probably not bed bug bites.

    If you are concerned that it could possibly be bed bugs . . . what you may consider doing is purchasing some bed bug monitors and/or getting a professional inspection.

    AGAIN - Not an expert . . . just a couple of thoughts!

  4. cheeseguy

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Sep 9 2014 16:10:17

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    Interesting. Similar situation here, too. Got pretty nasty welts and red bumps in groups of 2 or 3 just about every morning during my infestation that itched like hell.

    Since treatment, I've seen no live bugs, but every 5 days or so, experience singular "bites" on my calves and legs that are tiny pimples at most—nothing like my previous experiences with bb bites. Occasionally, I'll see a cluster of much smaller (1mm?) raised white or clear bumps that do not itch. I see adult carpet beetles hanging around my house now and again but never the larvae. (But if the adults are there, I can conclude the larvae are somewhere.) I also experience tiny pin-prick marks all over my body. Are you seeing these as well? I've read from folks on here that those are indicative of the hairs, as well.

    In the meantime, I've ordered some monitors and am having an inspection soon just to clear my head and determine if we still have an infestation. Hope not!

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