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My very own hell - blood stains 4 days after move

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  1. JCW

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Thu Oct 4 2018 21:19:59

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    Hi all,

    Typing this through tears and a huge pit in my stomach. Back story, I had been in my old place for 6 years living peacefully until last year when new neighbours moved in with an infestation. Since then, they’ve been sprayed 7 times, me 4 and I finally figured since I had the “all clear” it was safe to jump at the chance to switch units.

    So I did. Less than a week ago.

    I bagged, encased, scrubbed, tossed, DE’d, and held out a little hope that the nightmare was finally over. I bought a new platform bed, dresser, interceptors, and threw out 90% of my bedroom stuff. I went a little wild during the move and wasn’t about to risk bringing anything with me.

    But... I think I did. Somehow.

    Checking my bed tonight I found two blood stains on the encasement, and one on the fitted sheet. It hasn’t even been a week. AND all my stuff is brand new! I don’t understand.

    Does this look like what I think it is? What are the chances that it’s blood coming off of something inside the mattress? I haven’t been bit that I’m aware of, the only thing I can think of is maybe they’re getting my dog. He’s a 140lb mastiff that’s been sleeping with me since this whole thing started. I don’t want to spread anything, and to be honest... he’s a good support during my nightly breakdowns.

    This has been my life for almost a year. I’ve been living out of bags, paranoid, barely eating anything only when I’m starting to get lightheaded do I force something into me to get a bit of nourishment. Work is falling apart. Self care is out the window. I’m embarrassed, ashamed, and just... exhausted. Emotionally drained. It’s scary to think how much these little assholes can ruin someone’s life.

    What am I doing wrong here, why are they not going away? 4 treatments later, plus everything else I’m doing... I just want this to stop. I can’t take this anymore.

  2. TerribleTiming

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Thu Oct 4 2018 22:19:45

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    I've been dealing with bed bugs now for 7 months. These little mother effers are not worth your sanity. The best decision I made during this entire process (besides hiring a great PCO) was to decide that I was going to keep living my life. So I had/have bed bugs. Ok, so do nearly 1 out of 5 people. Of course you fell nuts. You've been hyper focusing on almost microscopic bugs now for a year. Find something, anything that isn't bed bugs that brings you joy and do it. I still have plenty of moments where I break down. But then I remember that none of it is worth my sanity. So I allow myself one hyper-focused bed bug sweep a week. I'll check things, check the traps, and tweak out on google. But that's it. I'm now about a week and a half out from having the spore treatment done and finding out my idiot neighbors ignored their bed bug infestation for months and even lied about it. I'm still getting bites at this point. I want to freak the fuck out. But like I said, none of this is worth my sanity. Hang in there, you've already done all the hard work. Keep monitoring, but give yourself a break. You deserve it.

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