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    This probably isn't useful to people with bad infestations, but I'm putting it on here for the record because I got so much useful information from this site.

    I got bed bugs from an ex who was trying to escape hers by staying at my place during treatment. So I was fortunate enough to realize what the problem was right away, nonetheless, I had a difficult time getting treatment set up and it did not occur until I had had bedbugs for close to two months.

    My landlord has a PCE who treats, so I had three treatments done, once a week for three weeks. The treatments were not enough for my ex who still has them.

    I was out of town for the holidays and came back after the last treatment. I received numerous bites the first night back. I then picked up bed bug encasements that had arrived while I was out of town. Since I have put them on, I have not had any bed bug bites.

    I mainly think that I was lucky and that the bed bugs had not spread past my bed and the few that did were killed by the exterminator's treatments/my drying of clothes/vacuuming. This may especially be the case because my mattress had a tear/hole so I think the bugs had plenty of places to hide inside.

    One unique things I did was that I kept my apartment fairly cold. This slows bed bug development. The apartment was quite cold during the day when I was gone and about 60-62 at night while I slept. Only if I was home on the weekend or evening was it warmer. I do this anyway, but I think it helped.

    Also, I have a metal bedframe. No place for them to hide and they don't like climbing metal.

    I did a lot of the other things suggested on this site, but I don't need to repeat them.

    Also, when I traveled, I used a big duffel bag instead of a suitcase. I could throw the bag in the dryer for a few minutes to kill any stowaway bugs.

    Having read everything here and knowing someone who is still suffering, I feel lucky to have escaped. I can only hope my mattress & boxspring encasements hold up.

    BTW, I did get the Mattress Safe encasements, the less expensive Kleencover variety. The mattress encasement is quite nice, no need for the marginally nicer & more expensive Softcover (which I have seen in person). The Mattress Safe box spring encasement is poorly designed though (small holes by the zipper stitching), I was not satisified and refused to even try to use it. They weren't nice about this. I'd recommend just ordering two mattress encasements or using another company's box cover encasement.

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