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My Story...Any Other Suggestions?

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    Bed bugs has been a fear of mine ever since a co-worker got bat bugs a few years ago. To call what we've been through hell would be an understatement.

    We had some nasty neighbors who ended up moving out at the end of May. How nasty? One day I was home sick from work (deathly ill) and needed to use the bathroom A LOT. That day we discovered a leak from our toilet down through the ceiling into our kitchen. So, our landlord was fixing the leak, making our bathroom unusable. I asked our neighbor if I could use their bathroom and only used it once. Even with being sick, I opted to go down the street to a gas station after that. That's how nasty they were. Well, they never told our landlord about anything that went wrong in their apartment. So, it had completely fallen into disrepair. Granted, the landlord should have been doing inspections routinely and never did in over three years. They ended up skipping out on their rent and were evicted. They left a whole mess of garbage over there (outside and inside) along with many pieces of nasty furniture.

    Right around the time they moved out, I started waking up with strange bites on my arms and my legs. They were always in groups of three and they itched terribly. But, I was the only person in the house (I have a husband and three kids) who was getting bitten. One night, my husband found a bug crawling on our headboard. He killed it and saved it for me to see. It looked an awful lot like the bugs I'd seen online. The next day, we gave it to our landlord who took it to the health department to have it identified. Sure enough, it was a bed bug.

    The landlord told us that "all we can do is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum". He said for us to empty out our vacuum canister after each time we vacuum. We went many steps further. I started laundering all of our clothes (it's been over a week and I'm just now finishing with that), we bought mattress covers for all of the beds. My husband put the legs of our bed in bowls of soapy water. Before we bought the covers for the kids' beds, my older son started getting bitten and they stopped biting me. The boys' room is next door to ours. So, we started working in their room and in my daughter's room. Everything has been laundered (almost) and covered. My husband put Vaseline on the kids' bedposts.

    I had a conversation with our landlord about this situation and they refuse to acknowledge that it was our neighbors' fault that we have the bed bugs. I know that it can't absolutely be proven. However, our family doesn't travel. The kids don't spend the night anywhere. In fact, the only place we've spent the night was at my in-law's house for Memorial Day weekend. My in-laws do not have bed bugs. I told my landlord that they need to do something about this. I told them that anyone they get to move into the other side WILL be informed (by me) about the bed bugs and told not to move in. I also told them that if they don't take care of the problem, we're going to move and then they will HAVE to take care of the problem before they can rent it out, and they'll lose our rent in the process. The landlords told us that if we kept all of our receipts for the stuff we've bought to treat the problem, they will take that amount out of our rent. If THAT'S not accepting blame, then, what is it?

    So, now we're looking at having an inspection done by a professional tomorrow afternoon. The landlord said that he would be here so, I'm hoping that whatever they recommend, he will take it seriously.

    Does anyone have any advice? Thoughts? Help?

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