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My long 8 month journey, am I just paranoid?

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    Tue Mar 19 2019 7:42:19

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    This will seem long and possibly drawn out. To some I may even seem crazy, I appreciate if you read all the way to the end. I dont know for sure that I've ever actually had bed bugs. I live in a 2 level duplex with my husband, 4 kids and our dog. At the end of July last year our neighbors moved out. The other side sat empty until the end of Aug. When the new neighbors moved in they set off a bug bomb. They said they had found a flea on their dog. A day or so later I started getting bite like Mark's. First on the inside of my upper thigh. Probably 10 or so. Then on my upper arms and shoulder area. I showed them to my husband and we just brushed it off as mosquito bites since it was summer, I was always in shorts and tank tops and I'm super sensitive to mosquito bites. But they just kept coming. Then the thought of bed bugs came to me. I found this site and did some digging. I started looking around my house. I started with our room since at the time I was the only one getting these "bites". I dont know that I have ever found a live bug, the only thing that I can think could have possibly been one I dont think I even realized what it was until months later. When I was doing my first initial inspection of our room I was pulling back the carpet and vacuuming the floor underneath. When I pulled back one piece there was this reddish brown chunk. It scared the crap outta me! It didnt move and I dropped the carpet back and went to grab the vacuum. When I lifted the carpet again it was in the exact same spot so I assumed it was just some weird chunk of debris and vacuumed it up. Now, after more research I think it could have been 2 bed bugs mating, my question is, if 2 bed bugs are interrupted while mating will they run away? I proceeded to deep clean my entire house. We found nothing on my bed, my mattress is only 3 years old so we encased it. It has no frame or box spring and it just sat on the floor. We checked my kids beds. All of the kids beds were very old so there were a lot of very weird stains but no bugs or casings. We have since replaced all their mattresses and encased them and they all have new metal frames. My bed also now sits on a metal frame. I have applied DE on and off for a few months and also done the deep cleaning then dont clean for 2 weeks to see if any signs appear and nothing but the carpet beetles. We are also replacing our couches. The new ones come tomorrow. Our kids did start getting some of the "bites" also, not nearly as bad as myself. At one point I had as many as 50 all over my body. I have stated wearing a tshirt tucked into thick ankle leggings, a hoodie and socks to bed every night. My reactions have cut down tremendously but idk if it's due to it being so cold outside, the cleaning, replacing everything, or what. I have posted multiple pictures of weird stains or bugs or things that I have thought were bugs on here and have had my anxiety eased by you amazing experts that nothing was bed bug related. Now that the warmer months are coming and my new couches, my anxiety is starting to increase again. I just need some reassurance that when its 105 degrees outside I will be ok sleeping in shorts and a tank top again!
    Thank you so much for the support over the last 8 months and I will take any suggestions anyone has to help ease my mind. We are on a VERY fixed budget, our house is old with I swear to God a million cracks and crevices, and my landlord isnt the most understanding person about anything.

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