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My Heat Treatment-Day 1 and 2

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    Wed Sep 15 2010 16:56:36

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    After talking to four different pest control companies in my city, I decided that most of them really didn't know much about bed bugs. Three companies claimed they could eliminate them in one treatment, which goes against everything I've read. No one is doing heat treatments here, so I went with an Indianapolis company, who happened to be in town working on an apartment complex. I live in a home and my pesticide quotes ranged from $1200-1500 and that was just to treat the upstairs of my home. The Indianapolis company originally quoted me $1,000, but when I told him the bed bug sniffing dog only alerted in one room, they told me they would charge me $500 for that one room. I don't really trust the dog (another post on this forum), but apparently the pest control company has heard of this dog and trusts him.

    A truck pulled up two days later with large "space heaters" and fans. They used two electric heaters and two fans. They plugged them into outlets in different rooms. We taped the mattress and boxsprings up in plastic, after slashing the covers and putting stickers on them warning of bed bugs (a gift from the OSU Agricultural Extension office) and had them taken away to the dump. (They were old). We ordered a new mattress and boxspring and the local company said they'd haul away our old mattress and boxspring at no charge. I told them they don't want to touch my old mattress and boxspring. I need to have a serious talk with this chain of stores, as they are really taking some risks by offering this service. The room only had a bed frame, headboard, desk, chair, dresser, nightstand, and rug. They stood the rug up against a wall and took the drawers out. No clothing was in the room, as I'd already washed, dried, and bagged everything in preparation for a chemical treatment. They turned on the fans and heaters, closed the door of the room, and taped around the door, and left. I was in charge. I asked for their cell phone number, in case there were any problems. That was at noon. At around 8pm, I tried to turn on a light in my bedroom and noticed that the circuit was blown. My husband unplugged the extension cord, and headed to another part of the house. He noticed that the plug had turned black and part of the metal had actually melted. That was scary! I called the PCO and he was at my house in 20 minutes. He gave us another extension cord and sat in the driveway, monitoring the heat from remote sensors placed around the room. My husband also went out and got a themometer, that he attached to a hanger and shoved under the bedroom dorr. It registered 90 at 9pm. We checked it again at midnight and it was finally up to 120 degrees, so it took 12 hours to reach that temperature, but we don't know how long one of the heaters was not working. At 10am, the PCO came back and announced that he was getting 130 degree readings. He openned the bedroom door and shut everything off. He then put some type of dust in the outlets and sprayed around the perimeter of the room. He asked if I wanted my whole upstairs sprayed, and I said, "Yes". He didn't charge me extra, but his spraying was finished in 5 minutes. He told me I did not have to leave the house, but I chose to leave for 5 hours, just in case.

    Needless to say, I don't know how successful this treatment has been. Nothing was turned or rotated in the room. We risked starting a fire at the outlet. Maybe you'd say that I got what I paid for. I just didn't like any of my options. I've wasted 2 months just talking to these idiots. I had to try something.

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