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My first time having Bed Bugs

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  1. BB23

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat May 25 2013 21:04:25

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    OMG, I have survived so much - my husbands affair, losing my job (being the breadwinner), and quickly losing our beautiful home (of 11 years, that we watched being built). A lawsuit against my prior employer, which is now finally settled ... and I thought the tide was turning. Last Wednesday, I broke out in little itchy dots on my legs. I will post picture if there is a way. I am the ONLY person in my family getting them. After 6 nights with more bites, and being eaten alive - I broke, and had my first ever anxiety attack, and went to ER in the middle of the night. It was confirmed - they are bed bug bites, but we have not seen or caught a single bug. I am very allergic to bites (from fleas, mosquitos, even knats) - so I do believe these are new to our home. We ripped apart all beds, flipped the sofa, vacuumed, sprayed - etc and found NOTHING. I called the exterminator, he did the same, ripped the house apart, and felt confident there are no bed bugs. Went to doctor again, losing my mind - still being bitten ... she confirmed also - bed bugs. Exterminator is bringing dogs on Monday. I honestly hope I can survive this. This is the WORST thing I have EVER experienced. We are renting a condo - and next door neighbors moved in a few weeks ago - I am guessing they brought them. She is pregnant and due in just 2 weeks. We have not found a bug yet, so we can't tell anyone until we are 100% sure - but I am 100% sure. Alone on my horrific, itchy island - of 100% sure. I believe they are all downstairs in our living room (in the huge leather sofa). It has black mesh on the bottom, over the wood, so you cannot see any of them. We have encased our mattress in the master bedroom, as well as the box spring. I carry repellent, and spray myself every 30 minutes. I have an RX atavan for the anxiety. I am sleeping at night. I can't go downstairs, or I get bites, but I never catch the little bastards. Okay - I think I have painted the picture. Will these things kill me??? (the stress) I really think they might.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun May 26 2013 0:03:08

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    It was confirmed - they are bed bug bites, but we have not seen or caught a single bug.

    Your doctor is mistaken in that you cannot confirm you were bitten by bed bugs by looking at the bites. Many causes can lead to similar skin reactions.

    It is my understanding that a doctor can take a skin scraping and determine if an insect bit you. (It does not determine that this was more specifically bed bugs, however.) Was this done?

    Moreover, even if these are bed bug bites (and again, no way to confirm that from the skin reaction itself), it might have happened outside your home. You can be bitten anywhere and react hours, days or even a week or more later.

    It was good that you had an inspection. If the PCO could find no signs, there's a good chance there are no bed bugs there. There's a small chance there's a very small bed bug problem which is so new it was hard to detect.

    But it won't be so for long. Bed bugs poop every time they feed, so if you are getting bit nightly for six nights, there would be fecal stains near where they fed. Make sure sofas and upholstered chairs are searched as well as bed areas.

    Don't panic. Before you decide you have bed bugs at home, you need to find some evidence (bed bugs, fecal stains, cast skins or eggs). Fecal stains are often the first to be spotted.

    Bed bug monitors may help you find visual evidence. See our FAQs, especially the first four on this page, which go into how to recognize signs, how to use monitors to find visual evidence, etc.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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