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My daughters boyfriend has bedbugs and she still lives at home

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  1. jdunbar

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 11 2019 0:36:48

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    So my daughters boyfriend has confirmed bedbugs at his apartment and she keeps going over there. She even falls asleep on the couch where they are and gets bit. She comes home and takes her shoes off in the garage and throws the clothes she had on in the dryer. My concern is that I only feel like she does this when I am home and awake when she walks in. If I am not awake, she doesn’t take the proper measures to not bring them to our house. He can’t do anything about the bugs because he is behind on his rent. I must add that she is 22. I might be cold hearted but I don’t feel like I would even want to hang out knowing bugs are biting me. But it’s almost like she isn’t bothered by it. She says, but I want to spend time with him and I get that but he is not in any financial situation to ever be able to take care of the problem and he hasn’t taken any steps to do anything about them at all. My sister in law had to treat her house and it cost them over 2 grand to get rid of them. I’m afraid by her carelessness, she will bring them back here. I can’t seem to make her understand the importance of taking all precautions. I don’t want to kick her out but I also don’t want to take the chances of getting them. Help!

  2. micachica

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Mon Feb 11 2019 1:11:01

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    Can he hang out at your house? If he wore clothess right out of the dryer and was careful about his shoes it would be fine to have him over. If he’s renting it’s prob the landlords responsibility to pay for treatment and if he lives in a complex his neighbors might be pissed if they get bed bugs cause he’s not reporting them and getting treatment for them which will eventually cause them to spread to other apts in the building. If he’s behind on rent it seems like he needs to find a job that pays more or get a second job or budget his money better if he’s making enough but spending money on stuff over his basic needs. . You have to decide if letting your daughter potentially infest your house with bed bugs cause she’s careless when she comes back from his apt is worth the cost of treatment if you do get bed bugs. That’s your call. She could keep a ziploc of her clothes at his apt and a “clean” ziplock of clothes and shoes she can put on right before she comes home, if she insists on visiting him.

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