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My BB story, getting closer to happy ending

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  1. Snow_bunny

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Jul 12 2017 18:07:45

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    Hello, everyone!

    Long time lurker here, but today is my first post.
    My story? It begins with a reckless neighboring tenant bringing fresh hell to a historic apartment building and ends with (hopefully) a clean slate.
    If you want to hear me spin my tale, please proceed! If you want to cut straight to the treatment, skip to the ***stars***...

    My fiancé, roommate and I have lived in our apartment for over three years now. Imagine a sweet pink historic mansion divided into five units; our slice of the pie is the front half of the first two floors. Our duplex has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, the front porch... the complete works. Behind us inside the building is a scrunched up studio and the stairway that leads to the other units. When we first moved in, we didn't really get to know the tenant who lived there. He was quiet and shy; a reserved student who didn't have time for anyone else's bullshit. Well, he didn't bother us and we didn't bother him, so we made a good match as neighboring tenants. After about a year and a half, we saw him pack up a mini UHAUL with all of his belongings and he sped off into the distance, us not having a clue how much of an impact his silent move would ultimately cause.

    The next tenant? Well, he had no reservations about showing us every single thing there was to know about him. Ex-convict, (recovering? not so much...) addict, alcoholic, you name it. At first we didn't really give him a second thought (everyone deserves a fresh start, right?) until our upstairs neighbor hinted at trouble a few weeks in.
    "You met the guy yet? Yeah, I don't trust him a lick none..." he told us, arms crossed and head shaking back and forth. He managed a construction company and took care of his elderly mother. They had lived in their unit for six years already by the time we moved in. "We ain't seen a neighbor anything like him before. Came knocking on my door at three in the morning the other night, asking for a Brillo pad and a lightbulb. You know what they do with lightbulbs, them addicts? I'll tell you what they do with them..." he scoffed. We shrugged and let him keep on about it until he was out of breath.

    Fast forward a few months. We're deep into a fall semester and haven't had the energy to give the neighbor a second thought. It was fairly easy to do so - he was jailed for two months and things stayed quiet. However, when he came back, he did so with a bang. He was frustrated, disheveled, and ultimately uncaring about anything. Within three months he had set his kitchen on fire twice; his new hobby was to get drunk, attempt to cook fried chicken, and pass out with a pot of oil (literally) burning away on the stove. At this point our neighbor upstairs was afraid to go to work every day and leave his mother behind with a man like that living in the unit under theirs. He had had enough and was ready to do anything it took to get this guy evicted for good. His breaking point was when he was walking out of his back porch and saw a pile of furniture splayed across the back parking lot, all infested with bed bugs.

    Long(er) story short, he was finally evicted. The owner of the building called an exterminator, replaced all the burned-through kitchen appliances, gutted the studio and started over with pleasant new tenants from across the country. Alas, such fools we were to think we had seen the last of our issues!

    Here we are, a full year since the man was evicted, and we're just now seeing the cherry on top of his cake of horrors: our own personal serving of bed bugs. Now, if I've learned anything from reading these forums, the new Patient 0 could be us all along. There are just so many ways it can happen; survivors of the extermination, hitch hikers from a vacation, a bad seat on the bus... they can come from anywhere! Either way, we had them, and that was that. Our roommate spotted them first. He saw one on his bed, freaked out, bought and set off a fogger and ran away to the lake for the weekend. Ah, how naive we were...

    A week later I noticed a harrowing amount of blood spots on the sheets. I guess I had been in denial; there were a few spots at first and I just figured that we were picking our skin at night and not realizing it. I knew what I had to do. I ripped off the fitted sheet and exposed three of them nestled in the folds of the corner of the mattress. DAMN. IT. I screamed and shuddered. Our roommate somehow already knew what was happening and rushed over to our room. He handed over his spray bottle of Clorox bleach and told me to spray every bugger I could find. The stuff killed them immediately and with incredible satisfaction. However, we knew there were going to be plenty we weren't seeing. We flipped over the mattress and bleached the corners, bleached the entire box spring, and turned that over and bleached that, too. In total we killed about 12 bugs. To me, that felt like an uncontrollable infestation and my heart sank to my knees. We rushed to the store and bought a Harris kit and a mattress cover, went back home, and got to work.


    We bought the Harris Black Label BB kit from Lowe's for about $35. It comes with a spray bottle, another type of spray for furniture and upholstery, a powder bottle, and a brush for the powder. It also came with a little treatment for bites but somehow all three of us are lucky enough to not show reactions to the bites. We washed our linens, washed and boxed all of our clothes in plastic tubs, put on the mattress cover, sprayed the box spring and wall behind where the bed was, sprayed and powdered the bed rails, and sprayed and powdered the other wall by the bed. We are keeping the bed away from the walls until this thing ends. We never had a headboard so that was one less thing to worry about.

    As much as we would have liked to believe, we knew we couldn't do this alone. We also knew it would be the right thing to do to contact property management regardless of where we think the bugs came from. Since we could potentially pin the old tenant as Patient 0, the owner has to foot the bill for the exterminator. The management office scheduled our appointment, no questions asked, and the exterminator was on the scene of the crime two days later.

    When he got there this morning, he was already locked and loaded. He came in juggling all his tools, took a breath, and asked us to lead him to the bedroom. The man jumped right in. He loaded his hand pump with a jar of powder, grabbed a brush from his toolbox, ripped off the linens, and flipped over the mattresses. He brushed every corner of the box spring and bed rails carefully, brushed the underside and corners of the mattress, put the bed back together, and started blasting every floor edge and crevasse with powder. He told us his weapon of choice was CimeXa. He did the same method in our roommate's bedroom and then asked if we had seen any bugs on the downstairs furniture since the scare started. I said no but that I still felt anxiety about them hiding where we couldn't see them. He nodded and blasted both couches, both chairs, and both rugs, lifting up all the cushions and turning the seats upside down to brush every nook and cranny. His job here was done. He told us to give him a call in three weeks with an update and that he would return if needed.

    And with that, he vanished in a puff of CimeXa.

    It's only been one day since the treatment but I have high hopes. He did tell us it would take a good amount of time for all of the bugs to vanish - CimeXa is guaranteed to kill, but the bugs have to touch it first. As they come out of their hiding spots one by one, their exoskeletons will immediately begin to break down, leading to imminent death within 24-48 hours. This takes time. I read the scientific study done on CimeXa by the University of Kentucky - all six of the apartment units they tested on, regardless of size of infestation, saw a complete eradication of the bugs within six weeks. It feels like a long time, but I already feel confident that everything will work out well in the end.

    I will be sure to update because I love reading success stories, especially those against these freaking suckers. I hope that whatever brought you to my story will help you find peace, because I know how distressful and violating this process feels.

    My best tip? Buy yourself a bottle of Serotonin. I couldn't sleep for three nights straight due to the anxiety and that stuff did wonders for helping me calm down and sleep through the night, even if just for a short one.

    Best of luck to everyone here <3

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 15 2017 1:05:35

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    Thanks for the story. Be sure to update us. Best wishes!!

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