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Moving with bed bugs after 2 treatments

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  1. ag12143

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Wed Apr 11 2018 11:24:25

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    I need some advice on moving out of a building that has bug infestation and 2 treatments. I live in a building that has 7 apartments. One of the apartments (not adjacent to us) got a bug infestation so an exterminator was called by the landlord. The exterminator inspected all the other apartments and found no signs of bugs in other apartments, but they decided to treat the entire building with insecticides anyway. We washed all our clothes/linens and moved our furniture away from the walls for treatment. 45 days later the exterminator returned and performed spot treatments in the apartments. We were told by the landlord that only one bug was found in the apartment building (don’t know if that really means anything) and no signs were found in our apartment. Our lease is up in June and we want to move out of the apartment. for more reasons than just the bugs. What is our level of risk with moving and how can we mitigate those risks? I have purchased a steam cleaner, mattress encasement, and DE.
    Right before we move, we plan to 1) wash all our linens again and seal them up 2) vacuum and steam clean the furniture and things that can’t be put in the washer and 3) put the encasement on the mattress and box spring. I also plan on vacuuming and steam cleaning the furniture after we move into the new apartment and applying DE to base boards/crevices. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Wed Apr 11 2018 11:47:30

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    If there's not a current infestation in your apartment I wouldn't be concerned with picking up bed bugs by moving out.

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