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Moving To A New Place/ Mother Not Taking Proper Steps Not To Bring Bugs With Us.

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  1. Bug Bite Me

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon May 25 2015 10:24:43

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    So today we are moving out of our old place since it has become overrun with bed bugs. We've had the buggers since 2011 when my grandmother shipped us some curtains that happened to be infested with the hellish creatures. (Note: this was at the first house we've had since moving out here to california not our current location) My mother has been ignoring or doing self treatment of these things and nothing she's doing is working because it isn't done professionally.
    We're leaving all of our furniture here at the old location since we don't want to move the bugs over to the new place but I know for a fact they will crawl in boxes, on electronics, ect ect ect. She won't listen to me when I voice my concerns and saying that we'll deal with them if/when they become and issue (which i know she won't since she let them feast on us for months before calling some sketchy pest control company). She wants to save money but at the same time these things are driving me up the wall and making me go crazy.
    I know these are bed bugs because I've seen them, identified them, ect ect. I've seen people just say "TELL THE LANDLORD/ CALL THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT" but the thing is I don't have my own money to deal with the issue since I'm still a student and treatments are expensive and I can't just call them and spring a surprise on my mother just telling her to pay for the treatment because she'll be angry with me and we're already on bad terms since she goes into denial about many things other than our bug problem.
    What do I do?
    Self treating them doesn't work, my mother won't treat the things, it's effecting my mental health. I also can't just simply "move out" either (even then they'd hitch a ride on me).
    Please help.

  2. ItsJustABug

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon May 25 2015 17:08:30

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    There are links here with Do It You'r Self tools that can help but if the infestation is bed your likely to need a PCO to rid them. The rule is basically if you do DIY when the infestation is slight it will work but if it's heavy its really difficult to eradicate them.
    A lot of vacuuming & empty in to sealed bags & depose of after done.
    Until your mother takes it seriously , your not likely to be rid of them, sorry to say.Wish I could help more.

  3. robinsmom

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon May 25 2015 20:45:56

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    Are you moving into an apartment? I'm so sorry your mother lacks the coping skills to address this issue.

    I did what I would call a partial DIY, but if you are a minor I'm not comfortable giving you instructions....except for steamers, everything I used has health dangers however small. Is there any way you can get your mother to sign up for this site? I went online and bought good stuff, but I didn't apply it willy nilly. I really did research, but even then i panicked and overdid it a little. Good news is it worked.

    If this is affecting your mental health, you need to tell a trusted adult family member or school counselor about this.

    Hoping an expert can weigh in on your post.

    I'm not an expert just a dumb struggling bed bugger like every body else.

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