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Moving Tips Needed

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  1. Buggedeyed2017

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Oct 29 2018 15:18:45

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    Finally moving after 2 years in this buggy apartment building. I'm moving with 2 elementary school aged children.

    We have a bunch of stuff that we threw into sealed plastic black garbage bags back in August 2017 luckily before the infestation got worse. We are throwing out our beds and alot of other stuff. We will probably keep our dresser (which hasnt had clothing in it for over a year, because we've been living out of black plastic trash bags), and out kitchen table. All the rest of the furniture we are chucking.

    Any tips, advice appreciated. If I find a vikane gas facility to bring all my stuff to, do you think that would work. What about clothing? Can being in a dryer really kill the bugs, or do I need to treat them some other way? Does anyone recommend the Zapbug heater AND vikane gas? Or will the vikane do the trick? And finally, can we take the stuff out of the plastic bags that has been in there for over a year?

    Also what about treating the car? Is that necessary?
    Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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