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Moving soon, Possible false positive? Next steps? Looking for some advice...

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Fri Feb 20 2015 16:13:37

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    Hey all-
    Earlier this week, I posted the short version of my story and I'll try to be succinct:
    My husband came home from a trip covered in some sort of bug bites about 36 hours post-return. He might have had a few prior that didn't click as connected, but by the time we realized, his suitcase had been sitting in our living room for about a day and a half. He did all of the things that you aren't supposed to do on this trip- bag on the bed, not checking the room, etc. Our assumption is that whatever the bites were from probably came from that trip, but I am a teacher and we both live a very NYC-centric life with public transportation and lot of social outings, so who knows.

    I alerted our building to our fears of bedbugs due to the bites on his face, hands, arms, and ankles, so they sent a dog to check out the apartment. They are connected to the PCO that ultimately ended up treating us and my gut at that point told me to get a second opinion (I didn't listen to my gut). The dog and his trainer checked out the perimeter of our 1 bedroom apartment in approximately 10 minutes. The dog sat down to alert on both sides of our bed and in our living room next to our desk/tall chairs where my huge down jacket was hung up. We did not know to ask for a visual confirmation or to ask for anything more in-depth. There's always the possibility that we had a false positive, but we don't know.

    Since then, we've had two treatments with a mixture of vacuuming/steaming/chemicals/dusting (I can get more specific if someone wants this- I just don't have their paperwork on me to reference right now) twice two weeks apart. We had thought that we had found bed bug evidence in those two weeks, but since googling, we realized that they were likely carpet beetle skin, larvae, and pupae (larvae and pupae were confirmed by PCO and the skin seemed most likely from googling, but obviously we weren't smart enough to save/take a picture of it). In both visits, the technicians reported finding no bed bug evidence. They left out traps and climb ups of our beds. In this time (a month as of Monday), there has been no bed bug evidence in any trap or climb up the last bite that my husband showed up approximately 3 weeks ago (making it possible that it was a delayed reaction from the original source). I don't seem to react to bites. As far as we know, our neighbors were all visually inspected and nothing was found.

    We are still living out of bags and I'm very anxious about the idea of unpacking and then having to re-prep at a later date. I didn't sleep or eat for the first two weeks that we went through this, as I am sure many of you can understand, and I'm somewhat adjusted to this "new normal". We are moving in May and my biggest concern is moving without bed bugs. We plan on keeping the climb ups up for another week (the advice given by our PCO and we want to follow their rules to keep the warranty), but then taking them off and getting passive monitors.

    I'm looking for advice on a few things:
    1. Before we move, I'd like to have an independent K9 that is not connected to a PCO that also visually confirms come in. If not, I would hire KillerQueen to come visually inspect. I'm obviously not quite there yet- but when would someone think a good time frame for that would be? MY PCO said that due to the chemicals, we should not have a dog come for at least a month and a half post-2nd treatment because it would be hazardous to them and I will follow that advice.
    2. Is there anyway that anyone could come in and tell whether we ever actually had them? Can someone tell by searching the apartment thoroughly whether we actually had false positives or is that not doable if we caught a very light infestation super early (in less than a week?)
    3. Is there anything else that everyone has done to try to get back to their pre-bed bug normal that they would suggest?

    Again- for all of the experts and unfortunate bed bug veterans out there, I really appreciate your expertise and help.


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