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moving soon, bug situation uncertain, trying not to move bugs too

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  1. jtihonly

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jul 16 2018 15:46:22

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    Hi, all - this is my situation:

    - About a month ago, I found a bug on my couch (where I slept) that I believed to be an adult bed bug. I had not had any bites and could not find any further evidence of bed bugs in my apartment. My landlord, who works in low income housing (elsewhere) that has regular infestation problems, looked at the bug, tentatively IDed it as a bed bug, searched my place, found no evidence of bugs, recommended I set up a bed frame on interceptors to see if anything was caught, and that was it.
    - I cannot afford professional pest control and was already planning to move in July for financial reasons. I immediately bagged up all bedding, laundry, stored bedding, and stored clothing for laundromat dryers, and began inspecting, cleaning, and bag sealing my possessions (I don't have a ton of stuff). I found no signs of bed bugs in anything.
    - Two weeks later, I found a second identical bug, on the toilet paper roll in my bathroom. I have read that bathrooms are an unlikely place for bed bugs unless they are traveling from elsewhere. I live in a basement apartment with two units above, on separate floors.
    - My landlord, alerted to second bug, asked me to save it for him so he could take it to exterminator for ID - has not yet done so (it has been a over a week). He will not check or speak to upstairs apartments about bugs as he is sure there are none there.
    - I still am not getting bites that can be IDed as bed bug bites. Apt does have fleas, so I do have some bites - ankles/calves only, individual bites, have had fleas on my legs, bites are pretty clearly fleas. No bites on torso or upper body generally. No bugs in traps (save recent explosion of centipedes). None found elsewhere.

    I'm already doing storage for move for a couple years, so I have sealed everything that is going into storage so if there *is* anything in there, it will be sealed airtight and (I would hope?) die over time - bed bugs, fleas, whatever. But there are some things I'm taking with me - mostly plates, mugs, jewelry, individually inspected photos and artwork (not in frames), commercially dried clothing - plus myself and my cats.

    My question is: how careful do I need to be? To be more specific - without a definitive bed bug ID, with no signs of a primary infestation, and only a couple of bugs over several weeks, probably coming from elsewhere - how likely is it there ARE bugs in my stuff? Can I safely wash and take things like solid hard plastic toys (funko pops)? Are toiletries safe? The cats are being thoroughly flea treated with vet advice, but can they carry bedbugs? Are there steps I should/can take to be absolutely sure I don't take bugs with me when I move in a few days?

  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Jul 16 2018 18:21:26

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    Without a positive ID you could be doing a lot of stuff for nothing...but if you want to be a hundred percent safe, just treat and/or inspect the items you bring with you.

    If you can wash the entire surface of something with water and dish soap (like a mug) that's totally fine to bring. Eggs are visible (They are hard to remove, if you can brush it off, it's not an egg) so something like photos is totally fine to carefully inspect and bring. Bedbugs can hitch a ride on a cat, but they won't live or lay eggs on them. Brush the cats with a fine tooth comb before you go, and you're good. I don't have any idea what a funko pop is lol...but bedbugs don't typically like plastic toys very much. They might end up there as a last resort in a very heavy infestation. Inspect them, and the area around them, if they look safe I wouldn't worry. You can boil them if something you see does worry you. I'd personally get rid of bathroom things like toilet paper, cardboard boxes, Qtips, cotton balls, blah blah. Things like soap bottles, jewelery, and makeup can just be inspected and wiped down. Anything put into storage would need about two years to be considered safe, if it did contain bedbugs. If you want those items back much sooner, you could throw in a nuvan / no pest strip. It will kill any bugs in there in a few days. If the bed and or couch are coming with you, inspect them very carefully for black spots, eggs, or bugs. You'll want to take the plastic/fabric off your box spring and look at all the wooden boards and seams inside. Turn the couch over and do the same. I had bedbugs without having a single sign in any of our beds. They were in my couch, that I checked a dozen times. I couldn't find any sign at all, until I turned it over. I also slept on my couch.

    Again, all of this could be for nothing. If you happen to find another of these bugs while packing, post a photo of it here for an ID. Hopefully it's just another sort of insect and you can move along stress free. For now, basically look at your stuff, and wipe it down. If it looks sketchy or has hidden areas, boil it, throw it in the dryer on high, store it with nuvan, or toss it out.

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