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Moving Questions

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  1. ineedhelp

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Apr 18 2011 5:38:59

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    It would be best if someone who moved successfully can share there story, and provide tips.

    I just moved 2 days ago. The place i was renting before was just a room in a house, and i just moved to a new room in another house. So far i havent really brought much with me as i am terrified of bringing something with me.

    I have a question about how bugs can be on your clothes and hitch a ride. Is the only way to get an infestation if you are carrying an adult female? are they asexual? reproduces without a male? If you had 1 nymph on your clothes that couldnt start an infestation could it? Im just curious on how they travel and start reproducing.

    So far what ive done is went to a laundromat put my clothes in wash at highest temp and put in dryer for 30-45mins. After this i put the clothes in a zip lock bag...i went back to my old flat took a shower and put on fresh clothes in the bathroom from the zip lock bag and left. i brought my lap top which i think is fine (or hope) and when not using it put it in a zip lock bag. everything i have with me so far (little bit not lot yet) is in a zip lock bag. I am scared to bring a few things with ,me, so afraid a little nymph might somehow be on me!

    my guitar is my number 1 concern and the case. does this sound like a good idea...use rubbing alcohol around the outer shell of the case....and steam iron the inside of the case?

    any tips on moving would be great. I do not own a lot of things nor furniture...just clothes, lap top, DVD player, DVD's , guitar and few other minor things.

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