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Moving process has commenced. Have not seen any bugs in 2 months, still worried

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  1. Panicallday

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 13 2016 14:47:38

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    We had two treatments for a "minor" (from the PCO) infestation. We have not seen a bug since the PCO found one last one mid-july at our last treatment, so almost 2 months bedbug free. However, we have not slept in the bed - that has been dubbed as "ground zero." We have been sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, and have not had ANY bites since the initial outbreak, so the air mattress definitely worked for us. However, we have not been on any upholstered furniture since we found the bugs - so no bed, no couch, no armchair. Fun. Have not seen any bugs elsewhere.

    We have started the moving process. The dryer has been going constantly, then the clothes go immediately into a 3 mil contractor bag which is then sealed and immediately escorted out of the house to the storage unit. Kitchen appliances are getting cleaned with Lysol wipes, then bagged and put into a new box that immediately gets taken out of the apartment. Unfortunately, I borrowed one of my friend's dresses before this fiasco happened, so I found a local dry cleaner that will clean items that have been in bedbug infestations. I called them, let them know, and they said to bring everything over in a sealed bag.

    As previously mentioned, we are tossing the furniture so that is one less headache. It's gonna be fun taking it all out of the apartment though

    However, what about things that we just can't part with? Like our framed diplomas and my preserved wedding dress? I also have some scrapbooks and just paper items that I don't want to part with. I have already thrown out a LOT of belongings. I'm so angry - the bedbugs can rob my furniture, but not my prized possessions! I would really, really like to keep those things - especially my wedding dress. I don't think Nuvan strips are legal in my state, but I bought Cimexa to sprinkle in the storage unit. Any way to take items like that back to our new home eventually without having to store for 18 months? Should I look for other pest control strips to put in the storage unit?

    Also, I'm throwing out all the boxes in my apartment that I'm currently storing items in - like the kitchen aid mixer box, etc. Is this too extreme, or is it "safe?"

    I just hope my nightmare will be over in about a week or so. But I'm so terrified to bring anything to our new home we have worked so hard for. My anxiety is through the roof.

    Please let me know if this sounds good for our moving strategy. I cannot handle dealing with this again, and I know most of us here feel that way.


  2. Ih8teBedBugs

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Wed May 30 2018 4:26:27

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    Did you end up taking them with you?? I am going through this process right now and am mortified

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