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Moving - please help!

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Jun 10 2018 20:12:15

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    Bear with me this is complicated. So about a week ago (9 days to be exact) I saw 3 bites in a row on my left fore arm. Every day since I’ve noticed more bites - at least 2 and up to 7 per day. They have all been on my forearms with the exception of two from last night which are on my face. I have seen all of the signs of bed bugs except a bug itself. I have bites, I’ve seen blood stain on my sheets, and I’ve seen what I think are two small fecal spots.

    Here’s the catch: My wife just graduated law school and got a job about 3 hours away. We are moving the last week of July. There is a unit being held for us there and I am going Wednesday to tour it and fill out an application. Here are the things I’m scared of:

    1. The bugs following us. With only a month and half till move time, even if we have a treatment it will be too soon to know if any hitched on for a ride or not. Do we keep the mattress and box spring (encased as of yesterday) and throw away the frame/headboard, dresser, night stands, couch etc?
    2. We have not signed a new lease yet and have not been accepted into the place we’re assuming we’ll be moving into, therefore I’m concerned that if I tell my landlord, she will inform the new landlord that we had bed bugs if asked, and we’ll be denied as tenants at the new place.

    Sorry if this makes no sense - I’m new to this kind of trauma and I’m not handling it super well mentally.

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