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Moving out of infested apartment into new home

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  1. sada

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue May 17 2016 14:40:15

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    Help! We had a gap between selling our home and closing on our new home so we subleased an apartment from a friend. Within days, I noticed a had bites and inspected everywhere finding nothing. Activity seemed to cease and we assumed I smushed a spider. My daughter had bites on her legs but the doctor determined they were hives (she has sensitive skin). We just settled down when it happened. Yesterday morning I saw a bed bug. I immediately contacted the girl we were subleasing from and she called the manager. They came in but don't know what they did (seems they only inspected). We bought sticky pads and a spray which seemed to scare one bug out (he was killed). We saw minimal signs of black dots on our pillow cases. I taped up an exposed outlet behind the headboard and we examined the mattress with no signs. In the middle of the night, I found one more leaving near my pillow. We assume they were coming in through that socket and plan to keep spraying and checking diligently. The company is sending Orkin to spray Thursday. We move out Monday. We didn't bring much with us (clothes, shoes, tv, laundry baskets/tubs) and have already decided to pitch the bedding, tubs and baskets. I'm buying large ziplock bags and going to relaunder and bag all clothes. Going to wash cat in the tub and clean out her littler box. Inspect tv and attempt to maybe run shoes in the dryer. What else should I be doing or what should I not be doing to limit transferring the bugs? The bed, dresser etc is not ours and is staying. Please help.

  2. bedbuggedinAR

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Aug 16 2017 13:54:22

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    I'm sorry no one answered... were you able to move successfully without transferring?

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