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Moving on, input from pro's and survivors please.

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  1. Jaywasane

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Jul 2 2017 19:38:05

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    3 years 2 months ago I got BB's. I was lucky, I caught it early(found one cast skin) PCO was here with 11 days from me being back from vacation. I did not even realize how much time has passed and how long I have been paranoid about BB. I know the original infestation is done. Now I am paranoid about them. I'm sorry to say I over treated for to long . In these last 3 years I have plenty of marks on my body some itchy some not,things I thought were fecal matter that were not. I know I over reacted in three years if everything I saw was BB related there would be every where they are not.

    I have seen blood spots on my sheets that could be something, but also have many other logical reasons. Examples some by feet, those stains have that yellowish faint red look(like if you put a band aide on raw skin) I have gotten blisters on my heels from shoes so to me that is more logical than BB. Red spots on pillow usually on the same days I shave i nick myself when I shave. The less I shave the less spots I see again more logical than BB.

    Yes I still look at my bed encasements no fecal spots check my bed frame as well nothing obvious look at baseboards and outlets nothing. Everytime I'm ready to move on something happens which always turns out to be nothing. Examples find bug Its not a BB or a spot I can't identify (which now I can here) nothing.

    New clothes go in the dryer when I buy them. I put them in air tight bags when i put them in my car. New shoes go in zap bug heater(which I love) and except for this last pair go in air tight bag until I get home. Unfortuantly the last pair I bought which was this weekend the bags were not as air tight as I thought. They were my car for about an hour or so . They are new shoes but this store resoles people shoes (so they have shoes in the store that are worn ) but that does not mean they have BB's and that if they did they would of ended up in my shoes or crawl out before i got them in the zap bug heater.

    What I'm asking, it is ok to move on? Have company over not freak out when I goto someones house or out to dinner/bars. I hate checking like I do but that's life until there is a preventative spray that does not cause more problems then it fixes. I would never knowingly put someone thru what I have been thru but I need to have my old life back. I will take any input on moving on thanks.

    I live in Townhouse 5 in row (two rows) Im lucky to live in end unit. No vents pipes or electrical work is shared. The walls that back up to my neighbors only have One outlet total on them.

    Thanks again


    Not a Pro I just spend to much time researching BB's.
  2. picopalquelea

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Jul 3 2017 1:42:46

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    i think in the world that exists today it makes sense to still be vigilant. IE if you own a Packtite, always use it when coming back from trips - things like that. Always check in hotels and when getting stuff from Goodwill. I KNOW I have given things away to GOodwill while I HAD this infestation.... with no damn clue I had it. So the chances are good that thigns that end up in thriftstores, even when ppl have the best intentions, are contaminated.

    it would be great though if we could all be more relaxed about the whole thing though, having it be such an emotionally/psychologically volatile thing does not seem to help any? I mean what is so particularly loathsome and fearful about this thing than about any other kind of beast? NOt to say I love them or anything LOL but I'm just committed to maintaining some perspective. I am personally finding the situation draining, depressing, like it's easy to feel hopeless and even like resigned to perdition and I can see why ppl go on antidepressants when i feel the way i do now because of this thing, but at the same time i recognize that it does not have to BE this way. I can treat it like just any other problem and bypass all the trauma/stigma/etc.

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