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Moving into a new apartment - Need some guidance on that step

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Sep 9 2011 19:48:29

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    I plan on moving into a new place soon.

    The majority of my stuff is being packtited and then stored.

    I plan on the basics: clothes, bath products, treated craft supplies, treated furniture and my electronic stuff. Nothing that isn't hand inspected or heat treated on both ends.

    When I get there what should I do to make sure I arrived alone?

    Both immediately and for the upcoming future.

    From discussions I've had, I know I need to remove the wrapping before they come into the home. With the plastic boxes, what is the process? I'm assuming if I hand inspect/wipe down with alcohol everything before the movers arrive and move it outside of my apartment imediately, I've lowered my threat level a lot. Am I not taking something into account?

    Would it be overkill to bag all the boxes that are going into my new home so that I could remove the bags as they are carried in? I'm trying to keep my boxes to a minimum.

    In the long term, how regularly should I inspect? Should I get passive monitors?

    I believe this is a light infestation as I have only every seen bugs when they feed. No where else in the room or my stuff. I may need a roommate, so I want to reduce my chances a lot and be able to make eye contact and say, I've done everything I can.

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