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Moving in two weeks...Tell me if you think this is a good plan to not take these

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  1. Panicallday

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Sep 3 2016 22:02:36

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    So I've been quiet on here, but now that my move is coming up in just about two weeks, I wanted to check in.

    Quick recap: Moving to a house in about two weeks. Unfortunately, apartment building had an infestation in late June and we found three bugs late one night after having mysterious bites all week. Exterminator came the next morning, sprayed everything. Said that he treated other units earlier in the week, his guess was that they got in from them since we don't have high risk jobs and didn't travel. We got a mattress cover, slept on air mattress in kitchen, literally washed and dried everything I could, vacuumed, took every precaution necessary. Dried clothes and shoes before leaving the house, etc. It took over my life, but I was very diligent in getting rid of them. I was optimistic from the first treatment because we didn't see any bugs or signs of bugs. However, two weeks later, exterminator comes back and finds ONE BUG on the covered mattress, sprays the sh*t out of the apartment again. Haven't seen anything since, but I'm very worried since we didn't see anything after the first treatment and we still had one, and I don't know how well the other units complied with the treatments.

    ANYWAY.. While this hell was going on, we were also searching for forever homes. We found one, and will be moving soon. I am TERRIFIED - I feel like my excitement to finally be buying my home has been stolen/tainted by the bedbugs. I cannot afford at this point to treat my whole house if we have any stragglers, but aside from that I don't want to feel contaminated anymore. I'm sick of waking up 3-4 times per night to re-inflate the air mattress, I'm sick of putting a dampner on my social life because I'm afraid to go to my friends' houses, in their cars, and people certainly can't come over here. In short, it's been hell.

    The plan for moving is: We are getting rid of ALL our furniture. Extreme? Yes. Will it make me feel better - definitely. We don't really want to part with it, but I'm OCD and it won't really go with our new decor anyway. And to be honest, we really don't have THAT much furniture.

    We are getting a storage unit this week to save the items that we want to keep. This will mostly be shoes/clothes, books/scrapbooks that I don't want to part with, electronics, and kitchen devices. Throughout the next two weeks, I plan on washing/drying clothes and shoes, bagging them immediately, and then driving them directly to the storage unit and doing this over multiple days. Books might be a little more difficult - but I am planning on sealing those up really well. Electronics will be cleaned. Once everything is in the storage unit, I am planning to buy some Cimexa and sprinkle it around, just in case.

    THEN, I am going to have my car professionally cleaned, have new clothes and shoes waiting, and then I will bring in my clothes and electronics to my new house. Books might have to wait.

    I know it's gonna be a rough few weeks, and this seems overkill (OCD and anxiety don't help that), but how does this sound? I can't think of doing anything else or more.

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations for good plastic bags, please let me know. Currently, I am using heavy duty trash bags, and just tying them up 2324293473 times. But if I could be doing something better, please let me know. Thanks!!

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Sep 3 2016 22:29:05

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    "Also, if anyone has any recommendations for good plastic bags, please let me know. Currently, I am using heavy duty trash bags, and just tying them up 2324293473 times. But if I could be doing something better, please let me know. Thanks!! "

    You want to avoid any bags with strings or built-in ties, and I'd personally avoid old fashioned twist ties, because you can get a tighter seal with other methods IMO.

    Contractor bags (2 mil or thicker) are good and usually large. If you have access to Costco, they have these in black or clear. Hardware stores are also a good source.

    You want to get as tight a seal as possible-- close to airtight if you can.

    I recommend filling the bag but not all the way to the top. Then gather the top together and twist it over and over until it is tight and looks like a snake. Then tie it in a knot unto itself. You end up with a pretty tight seal.

    Another option I used, which may be even better, is to get cable ties (I think they're also called zip ties). They are also found at hardware stores and you can get a very tight seal with these.

    Neither option is good for opening and reclosing. If you need to do that, I suggest XL or XXL Ziploc or Hefty reclosable bags. Many here have found these handy for everyday items they want to store in a bag, or for a week's worth of clothing, etc., and then they use contractor bags to seal things they won't be opening for a bit.

    You may want to seal items going into storage. You wouldn't want to spread a problem, or pick up someone else's. I wouldn't sprinkle Cimexa in your stuff. However, if you don't want to store for a long time to be sure they're clear, you could carefully seal many items in bags (inside boxes or whatever) with DDVP strips, and leave them in storage. (See DDVP in Useful Tools.)

    It's just an option, but it might mean you get your things back sooner.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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