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Moving from one place to another

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    Fri Mar 27 2015 11:49:44

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    I have had a relatively light infestation, although the PCO at my apartment has not eradicated the problems completely despite several attempts. I am moving out of my apartment, as the lease is up and will live with family for a few months while I look for a house.

    My plan is to wash all my clothes in hot water and dry them on hot or dry clean them before I take them to my family's house. Also, I plan to store other possessions, mainly books or papers in the family basement in giant ziploc bags and/or watertight and airtight containers. I will also keep my bed in the basement (I will sleep in the guest room where there is already a bed). I believe my bed will be safe in the basement because it it encased in a Terminix mattress cover and a Terminix box spring cover.

    I am also planning to keep my television and television stand (Metal). Do you think the television should be safe to hook up right away? If not, I am not sure what to do with it since it will not fit in a giant ziploc bag or one of the boxes.

    I am going to throw most everything out except books, papers, and some other sundry items, such as my toothbrush and razor . I am throwing these things out because it is all used furniture or things I don't really need. Everything I keep will be bagged or in airtight/watertight boxed except clothes, prepared as mentioned above, the television, some papers I can't do without for 1.5 years, such as checks and tax documents, and my hygiene items (toothbrush, etc). I will bag those papers in big, but not the biggest, ziploc bags and only access as necessary.



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